At long last, my right to vote has been restored


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    With trembling hands, I opened the letter that came in the mail today from the Secretary of the Commonwealth.  The moment I’ve been waiting for has arrived.  

    The fight, of course, is not over and will not be over until every free citizen of Virginia has the right to vote.  In the meantime, now that I’m allowed to, I plan to become a notary public so I can help others complete the Application for Restoration of Rights.

    I’m about to drive to the Fairfax County Board of Elections to register to vote, but first I’d like to thank some of the people who have been advocating on my behalf, and people who have been fighting for voting rights for all Virginians.  I don’t have time to list everyone, so this list is by no means complete:

    -Stephen Spitz, Andrea Miller, Ruth Fischer and all of PDA Virginia

    -State Senator Chap Petersen, who wrote a letter to Tim Kaine urging him to reverse his decision denying my restoration of rights.

    -Delegate Charniele Herring, who spoke out against McDonnell’s proposed (and retracted) restrictions on the restoration process

    -Michael Paul Williams of the Richmond Times Dispatch and other reporters who brought attention to Virginia’s voting rights problems

    -Patricia Hynes, who joined us in the streets and in the halls of Congress

    -Blue Virginia and Not Larry Sabato for raising awareness about voting rights issues

    -Editorial boards of the Washington Post and other newspapers who supported ending Virginia’s unfair lifetime disenfranchisement laws

    -Kent Willis, ACLU Virginia

    -Adisa Muse, Virginia Legislative Black Caucus

    -Krysta Jones, Virginia Leadership Institute

    -Mike Signer, senior fellow at Progressive Policy Institute, Adjunct Professor at Virginia Tech

    -Erika Wood, Brennan Center for Justice

    Howard Highland, Esq., W&L Community Law Center at the Oliver Hill House

    -Fairfax County Democratic Committee leaders and members who called Governor Kaine and who approved a resolution in support of the Democracy Restoration Act

    – Lillie Branch-Kennedy, Executive Director, Resource  Information Help for the Disadvantaged/Disenfranchised

    -All other coalition members of Virginia Restore Our Vote

    • Thank you for putting your life and story out there to help bring attention to an issue that affects thousands of Virginians. Congratulations!

    • The Donkey

      Well fought!

      Now there is a certain former governor that has some ‘xplainin’ to do

    • AnonymousIsAWoman

      I’m glad your full citizenship has been restored to you.  And keep up the good fight for other Virginians who are denied this!

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      I hope that Virginia will join the many states that have decided that any person who has completed his or her sentence also earns the right to vote.

    • Brian

      Just wondering, and congrats.

    • …and let’s keep pushing to completely repeal this embarrassing relic of Jim Crow!

    • libra

      Now, make sure you’re in the voting booth in November, rain, sleet or snow 🙂 And that you’re voting “with the left hand” (even if Kaine has made you leery of the left, we’re still way better than the always-wrong-right)

    • Dan Sullivan

      And I join you in thanking all who work to correct the injustice of Virginia’s current process for restoration.

    • VA Blogger

      Just saying.

    • Susan Mariner

      Please continue to serve as an advocate for restoration of rights.  You’ve been so courageous in your efforts.