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Could Kai Degner “Sneak Away” With An Upset Win Next Tuesday?


Could Harrisonburg Mayor Kai Degner “sneak away” with an upset victory next Tuesday, June 15, in a special election to replace Republican Matt Lohr, who resigned in March 2010 to serve as Commissioner for the Virginia Department of Agriculture and Consumer Services in the McDonnell Administration?  According to the Republicans themselves, yes Degner can! Here’s what Degner’s Republican opponent, Tony Wilt, has to say.

Subject: I Need Your Help!!! They think they have a chance to sneak away with a House of Delegates seat here in the solidly Republican Shenandoah Valley. They want one more Delegate to support the… agenda of Barack Obama, Nancy Pelosi, and Harry Reid. … we have no margin for error… Democrats are determined to take away this seat from our party.

For more on Wilt and his “family ties” to a controversial natural gas project, click here.  To “get on the bus” for Kai Degner this coming Saturday (June 12), click here. And help Degner “sneak away” with a victory in 8 days!

  • NotJohnSMosby

    that Virginia House of Delegates members also voted in the US House of Representatives as well as the US Senate.  Quite a powerful position for only making $16k a year.  

  • Shenandoah Democrat

    This is a phenominal pick up opportunity! I met Kai five years ago just after his graduation from JMU. He did a brilliant presentation on his senior thesis which was an outstanding Google Earth-based analysis of pollution in the Shenandoah watershed. It’s remarkable he’s even a contender in this valley, the reddest part of Virginia. Kai is a real leader and after he wins this seat, in a few years I hope he takes on the corporate puppet Goodsplat!! (sorry Bob)

    Go get em Kai!