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Primary Election Day Open Thread


It’s primary election day in Virginia, pretty much on the Republican side of the aisle. Perhaps the most hotly contested race is in the 11th CD, where Pat Herrity takes on Keith Fimian, whose video I’ve posted above.  I have no idea who’s going to win this one, but given that they’ve both been forced to run hard to the right over the past few months, I’d say that either one is “damaged goods” heading into November against Rep. Gerry Connolly.

As far as the other primaries are concerned, I don’t see Rep. Rob Wittman having any trouble against Catherine “Bullet Box” Crabill in the 1st CD.  In the 2nd CD, Scott Rigell should win handily in the competition to take on “blue dog” Democrat Rep. Glenn Nye (note: there’s also an independent candidate, Kenny Golden, in the race). In the 5th CD, Sen. Robert Hurt should cruise to the nomination against Rep. Tom Perriello, who yesterday was featured on NPR.  In the 8th CD, Matthew Berry of Arlington takes on Patrick Murray of Alexandria in the race to lose badly this November to Rep. Jim Moran.  

Please feel free to use this as an open thread.  Let us know what you’re hearing if you can. Thanks.

  • Dan Sullivan

    and nice weather. Not to Scott Rigell’s advantage.  

  • Fimian created “thousands of jobs?”  Now it’s just “hundreds.”

  • As nice as it was not to be up at five to see that my precinct is up and running, I am enough of a political junkie that it seems weird NOT to have anything official to do today but sit and wait.

    Judging on the signs in my precinct (which trends Democratic) I think Herrity will win handily here. I don’t think there are any Finian signs in my precinct at all– that’s not a statement of fact, but I do keep an eye out.

    There are two Fimian signs, one on each side of my precinct. Judging from previous sign history (yes, I’m that kind of person, that I could type that sentence….) these are hard core Republicans on the extreme right wing. Of course, one of the is also the house the keeps a Christmas Tree up and lit all year round….and a lighted wreath….so there you go!  

  • Colston Newton

    I went around the Northumberland County precincts early to day. By 10 a.m. about 250 votes had been cast. Crabill had workers at several polling places and Wittman had most of them covered, too. I was surprised at some of the folks wearing Crabill stickers…I know them and had thought they’d be less radical. Apparently they are infected with the “dump all incumbents” mindset and don’t care who is elected so long as the incumbent is tossed out. (One got to hemming and hawing when I asked that if Wittman were renominated she meant to vote for Krystal Ball in November.)