Chuck Todd: “Re-electing Perriello a top priority for Obama”


    So, let’s see if the White House political team and the DNC can turn out the huge numbers of African Americans and young people who came out in the 5th CD to vote for Obama in 2008. If they can, Perriello will win. If they can’t do that…well, it could be tough.

    UPDATE: Added bonus, after the “flip” see the video of Perriello’s opponent, Robert Hurt, chewing his food. 😉

    • Dan Sullivan

      I gotta tell you, in this day and age, you should always be aware that a camera might be rolling. But really, camera or not, didn’t momma tell him not to talk with his mouth full? How about a little respect for momma? Did he forget clean underwear too?

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      Besides a lopsided disparity in campaign funds (Perriello, 1.7 million on hand; Hurt, 200,000 on hand), Perriello has already opened 9 campaign offices all over the large 5th District, has 23 college interns volunteering, phone banks up and running, door to door gearing up, and lots of people from the 6th, where there is no Democratic candidate, giving time and money.

      In addition, during the August recess, Tom Perriello plans to again hold 22 town halls all over the district.

      Hurt, so far, has refused to include the independent conservative candidate on the ballot in any debate. That’s probably why the man in the video of Hurt stuffing his mouth (bad manners!) asked about debates.

      Make no mistake, Tom Perriello is a formidable candidate.