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Cooch Admits GOP Ran Up Huge Deficits


It’s always fun to watch Ken Kook-inelli expostulate on his view of the world. In this video, Cooch explains how Republicans elected Barack Obama by abandoning their (supposed) “fiscally conservative” principles.  Hmmm…let’s see, Reagan ran up a huge budget deficit, Bush ran up a huge budget deficit, Clinton ran up a budget SURPLUS. But Republicans are the “fiscally conservative” party, and we should put them back in control of Congress this November so they can get the budget deficit under control?  Got that, everyone?

  • libra

    being “fiscally conservative” means never spending a dime more than is absolutely necessary now. Long term investment? Pshaw! Stuff and nonsense!

    Funny… I think of myself as being middle-aged but I’m old enough to remember the times when the term “fly-by-night” (with its implied “make a quick profit and disappear before the rubes cotton onto you”), as applied to a business, was considered to be derogatory, not the overarching aim of every aspiring “businessman”.