Donald McEachin Forms “Believe in Virginia PAC”


    Late last week, the Washington Post reported that “State Sen. Don McEachin has launched a new political action committee, Believe in Virginia PAC, as he aims to help Democratic candidates running in legislative races next year.”  I contacted Sen. McEachin’s office for more details, and received the following statement:

    The Believe in Virginia PAC is a PAC formed by Senator A. Donald McEachin (D-Henrico)  to support candidates and activities. Senator McEachin believes that Virginians are fair and open-minded and want a Virginia that reflects those values. This PAC will contribute to candidates, organizations and activities who want to improve the environment, support and improve public education, devise and implement a real transportation plan, create jobs and provide ALL Virginians equal opportunity, justice and fairness.

    Senator McEachin said, “It’s about time that folks put their actions and resources where their mouths are. Since I have been strongly speaking about the administration and its actions and for progressive values, it’s time to support those values with my efforts and my resources. I intend to work to recruit and assist candidates, support activities and activists, and promote legislation that reflects a Virginia of which we can be proud.”

    I’m very happy to see this from Sen. McEachin. The fact is, since November 2009 — when Virginia Democrats suffered through one of their worst elections in many years — Sen. McEachin has stepped up and been one of the most vocal leaders of what Howard Dean used to call “the Democratic wing of the Democratic Party.”  As such, Sen. McEachin has been a forceful, articulate critic of Bob McDonnell’s “Confederate History Month,” of Ken Cuccinelli’s “ludicrous” lawsuit against clean cars, and of course against Cooch’s “ludicrous and frivolous” assault against climate scientist Michael Mann. In addition, Sen. McEachin has pressed Ken Cuccinelli to return $50,000 in tainted contributions from the shady U.S. Navy Veterans Association. And McEachin has called out Fred Malek for his “recent illegal behavior.”

    In addition to (justifiably and necessarily) criticizing McDonnell and Cooch, Sen. McEachin also has been an active, articulate advocate for progressive values. For instance, see here for McEachin’s opposition to Del. Bob Marshall’s assault against the new health care law.  Also, see here for Sen. McEachin’s passionate defense of “the poor…those how are vulnerable…those who live in the margins.” That’s exactly why many of us are Democrats, not Republicans, as Sen. McEachin clearly understands.  We’ll see where this new PAC leads, whether to effective assistance for progressive candidates, to Sen. McEachin’s own run for statewide office, or to a Virginia we can all believe in.  Perhaps it will lead to all of the above?  We can only hope. Stay tuned…

    • Dan Sullivan

      It is appropriate to hold Senator McEachin in high regard, so I expect that this PAC is more than a means to the end of statewide office. Clearly he is accomplished and capable of serving admirably in higher office. If on his way there, he strengthens the Democratic cause if not the hapless DPVA, he will have fulfilled an even more important role.

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      I applaud your restraint in calling the DPVA “hapless.” I personally have used a few more colorful adjectives to describe the party, especially its actions following last November. Don McEachin is a breath of fresh air. A Democrat with a backbone!!

    • Teddy Goodson

      that Senator McEachin does run for statewide office, the sooner the better. He’s competent, intelligent, big and forceful, unquestionably sincere, and articulate in expressing Democratic values. I also think his candidacy would scare the Republicans spitless.

    • It’s personal, but I’m not a big fan of PACs.  Even the ones that start out well intentioned too soon become victims of their own institutionalization.  But that’s only my opinion, and I fully understand the value many others see in them.

      However, I am a big fan of Senator McEachin!  Many the time since the fall of 2009 did I hear or read something he has said and taken heart from it.

    • There isn’t an alternative to the PAC, which is why I don’t make a big deal if a politician or organization creates or participates in one. (I’ve know quite a few Dems who DO make a big deal out of it, which is why I mention the distinction.). But that doesn’t mean I think it’s a good model– I’ve also seen well intentioned PACs end up with goal of maintaining and supporting the PAC rather than fighting for the ideas and candidates that PAC supports.

      One of the reasons I’m such a grassroots supporter is because while I recognize (and participate in) institutionalizations such as political parties, PACs, special interest groups, etc., is because i believe that the grassroots keeps these from becoming inert and staid. We need the structure they provide, but we also always need voices reminding us why we built and support these institutions in the first place.  

      • VA Blogger


    • DanielK

      Everyone is talking about him running for statewide office so if LG the best bet?? Governor is already appearing to be stacked and AG is hopeless in my opinion if Cooch runs for reelection which I think he will.