Finally, a Real Poll on McDonnell, Cooch


    Finally, courtesy of VCU, we have a real poll on Bob McDonnell and Ken Cuccinelli, and the results are mediocre at best.

    Virginians give Governor Bob McDonnell mixed reviews after just 6 months in office according to a new VCU Commonwealth Poll. Among those holding an opinion about the governor’s performance, 48% say McDonnell is doing an excellent or good job, 52% say it is fair or poor. Views about the direction of the state as a whole tilt positive with 47% saying the state is headed in the right direction, 37% saying Virginia is on the wrong track and the remaining 16% holding no opinion.

    On Cuccinelli, one-third of Virginians have no opinion, and of the two-thirds who do have an opinion, it’s 47%-53% excellent/good-fair/poor.

    On the “Tea Party,” a whopping 60% of Virginians say they’ve “not heard enough” or “don’t know” enough to have formed an opinion. Of the minority who say they know enough to have an opinion, it’s 19%-21% favorable/unfavorable.

    On the overall direction of Virginia, it’s 47% “right track” – 37% “wrong track,” although only 37% of Virginians give the state “positive marks for fiscal management,” with the VCU analysis calling the numbers “surprisingly low in light of the recent announcement that Virginia now has a budget surplus.”

    Comparing these results to Mark Warner and Tim Kaine at relatively similar times in their governorships, we find that Warner had a 60% “excellent or good” rating in July 2002 and Tim Kaine was at 56% “excellent or good” in April 2006.  Also, Jim Gilmore was at 64% “excellent or good” in May 1998, and George Allen had a 66% “excellent or good” rating in July 1994. All of these are significantly better ratings than Bob McDonnell’s current 48% “excellent or good” score.  That’s a lot different situation than Barack Obama, who’s almost exactly paralleling the approval track of Ronald Reagan at a similar point in his presidency, also during a deep recession.

    In sum, “heckuva job” Bob, the people of Virginia are recognizing you for your accomplishments! (snark)

    h/t: Washington Post Virginia Politics blog

    • Pain

      In VA, 60% of Tea Party members aren’t paying attention, yet 100% of them are still pissed off?

      Makes perfect sense.  I guess that’s the definition of “Low Information Voter”?

    • somethingblue

      McDonnell’s ratings are lower than those of previous governors (both Democrats and Republicans) who weren’t in office during a massive recession.

      And Obama’s ratings are comparable with those of a previous (Republican) president who WAS in office during a massive recession.

      Add that McDonnell and Obama, who are both in office during the same massive recession, both have approval ratings hovering in the 48-50% range.

      Takeaway: executives’ approval ratings are largely driven by the state of the economy.

      Nothing to see here.