Long-Time Republican Congressman Rips Palin, Beck, “Demagoguery”, Failure of GOP Leadership


    Why can’t there be more Republicans like Rep. Bob Inglis of South Carolina? Certainly, you’d never hear the following from the likes of Eric Can’tor or John BONEr.

    *”Too many Republican leaders are acquiescing to a poisonous ‘demagoguery’ that threatens the party’s long-term credibility.”

    *”[T]ea party favorites such as former vice presidential nominee Sarah Palin and right-wing talk show hosts like Glenn Beck are the culprits.”

    *Talking about crazy stuff like mythical “death panels” is “the lowest form of political leadership.”

    *The current Republican “leadership” is not leading, but is “following those (television and talk radio) personalities.”

    *And finally, check this out:

    Inglis said he was too far away during the jeering incident to hear whether the protesters shouted racial epithets, as Lewis and other black lawmakers have claimed. But Inglis said the behavior was threatening and abusive.

    “I caught him at the door and said, ‘John, I guess you’ve been here before,'” Inglis said.

    Inglis, 50, who calls himself a Jack Kemp disciple because he has emphasized outreach to minorities as the late Republican congressman did, thinks racism is a part of the vitriol directed at President Barack Obama.

    “I love the South. I’m a Southerner. But I can feel it,” he said.

    By the way, for anyone who would question Bob Inglis’ conservative credentials, you might first want to peruse Project Vote Smart, where you’ll see his 0 rating from NARAL, his NRA “A” rating, his 100% Family Research Council score, and his lifetime 93% conservative rating from the American Conservative Union. Inglis also has voted 93.7% of the time with his Republican colleagues during the current Congress. So yeah, he’s a Republican. An honest one.

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      I, too, love the South. I am a Southerner. But…I,too, can feel it – the racism.

      The last time I noticed such an undercurrent of racism masked as something else was when Doug Wilder won the governor’s mansion.

      As one person – white, of course – said to me, “I don’t like that our governor talks that way.” Huh? Doug Wilder sounded like every other educated Virginian I had ever heard speak.

    • Dan Sullivan

      and the purveyors of the tea party myth are crafty slight of hand artists who take advantage of this. But I have to say: that third of nonsupporters worries me senseless.

    • libra

      is now free to speak as he sees, because he’s been primaried out. I didn’t see him speak out against “the rabids” before then, much less do anything against their excesses. Indeed, as you yourself point out, his voting record was pretty rigidly on the dark side (and I wonder if, by any chance, his townhalls included talking about the death panels which he now decries as being below the belt politics). Just not rabid enough for the Pee Potty.