Tom Perriello: “Make it in America”


    “Rep. Tom Perriello joined House Democratic leadership to introduce the new “Make It In America” initiative. The initiative will include a series of bills to revive the American manufacturing sector, create jobs and lay the foundation for a strong economy.”

    • libra

      I’d like to see more, than more “made in USA” labels. I’d even be willing to pay more for such products (within reason) But… What do we still produce, here, other than abstruse “financial instruments” and super-duper armament?

      When our local WalMart first opened all those years ago, it proudly promoted the “made in USA” stuff and many of the shelves were sporting the little tags announcing that. Now? If they depended on “made in USA”, the shelves would either be empty or they’d have to change their name to Saks 5th Ave.