Jeff Schapiro: Will McDonnell Do A “Strategic Retreat” on Liquor Privatization?


    Another great video diary by Jeff Schapiro of the Richmond Times-Dispatch.  In this one, Schapiro explains that “Gov. Bob McDonnell wants to get the state out of the liquor business, but not everyone thinks it’s a good idea.”  Actually, after watching this video, my question is whether anyone other than Bob McDonnell thinks it’s a good idea.  That, in turn, raises an important question: when it comes to this harebrained liquor privatization scheme, what exactly is Bob McDonnell drinking, anyway?  

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      Shapiro, as usual, has an excellent, cogent summary of a problem. McDonnell just didn’t think this one through. He evidently can’t add and subtract, nor can he read the political “tea leaves” very well. But, then, he had to find some bogus “revenue” for that ridiculous snake oil “transportation plan” he sold before the election. So, booze on every corner and in every grocery chain and Walmart became his answer.

    • Peter 2010

      As Jeff Schapiro implies, Bob McDonnell should do a “Strategic Retreat” on this issue. If you are the chief executive of any enterprise, public or private, one of your most important jobs is setting priorities and managing your agenda. Privatizing Virginia’s liquor stores deserves a very low rung on Virginia’s priority ladder.  

    • LittleDavid

      Perhaps if you have a problem with liquor being more widely available, you might have a problem with this proposal.

      But look at how most other states deal with liquor sales.  When Iowa privatized liquor sales, a study showed revenues increased.

      Now, privatizing liquor sales is not the solution to the transportation problem.  The revenue realized from the sale would be little more then a small blip on the long term time scale.  It might make sense standing on its own merit, but the transportation problems we face are not going to be solved not matter how we decide to go on this issue.