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This post by NLS made my head hurt, but in a really good way. Seriously, Ben Tribbett’s a walking encyclopedia of Virginia politics, this time the topic being “Redistricting in the House of Delegates.” Check it out and see if your head hurts – in a good way – too! 🙂

  • DCCyclone

    Frankly Ben is not a very good Democrat generally and so much of his blog posts are petty and hyperbolic.  There are times when scrolling down from the top, you have to go quite a ways to even have a clue that Ben is a Democrat instead of a Republican.

    But once in awhile he posts a must-read with a treasure trove of information and analysis that’s impossible to find if you’re just a run-of-the-mill activist like me who’s not a plugged-in insider.  And I still check in every week or two, hoping I’ll run across a post like that.

    His analysis isn’t always right (like when he challenged Democratic priorities in two recent lost VA House specials on the same day, both of which were virtually unwinnable).  But when he crunches the numbers, it’s always at least worth a read.