Sen. Warner’s Office to Collect Pentagon Memorial Fund Contributions at “Pig Roast” on 9/11/10


    Sen. Warner’s office sent me the following statement about his “pig roast”, which at least one person finds offensive.

    For your information, at this year’s Pig Roast we will be collecting voluntary contributions for the Pentagon Memorial Fund, a 501(C)3 established to construct, maintain and offer public education opportunities for the 9/11 monument at the Pentagon. Senator Warner just selected the Fund to be the recipient on Monday, and we are including this information in the next DemoMemo and on the remaining invitations.

    Personally, I have mixed feelings about holding political events on September 11, but I can see both sides of this one. By the way, there are many other events in Virginia that day besides Mark Warner’s “pig roast,” including the Mason District Democratic Committee Crab Feast, the DPVA Central Committee Quarterly Meeting in Fredericksburg, the Virginia Beach Neptune Festival, Hampton Bay Days, the Alexandria Festival of the Arts, the Salem Republican Committee Breakfast, and the RPV “Campaign School”. Perhaps they should all follow Sen. Warner’s lead and collect contributions for the Pentagon Memorial Fund as well?

    • GregHabeeb

      …and for once, you and I agree.  As a member of the Salem Republican Executive Committee, I can say that we struggled mightily about our breakfast this year.  Olde Salem Days is a huge community event and it’s scheduling is completely outside our control.  Nonetheless, we wanted to be sensitive to the importance of this date.  As such, we’ve told all our speakers that they should consider this a celebration of our country, military, first responders, etc. and not a partisan event.  We’ll also be doing some things to honor those folks.

      In the end, it is/was a tough call.  We think we’ve struck the proper balance and I’m sure Senator Warner is trying to do the same.

    • kindler

      …we should ban sales events on Veterans Day and Memorial Day and MLK Day, not to mention the whole thing about commercializing Xmas.

      To tell you the truth, I liked the fact that they ordered all the government workers back to work after 9-11 because the best way to tell the terrorists where to go is by going on with our lives. By all means we should honor those who gave their lives on 9-11 but that doesn’t mean everything else on that day need grind to a halt.