Ted Olson: Obama Was Right on “Cordoba House”


    First gay marriage, now Cordoba House; I can’t believe it, but I’m really coming to like and respect Ted Olson – the guy who represented George W. Bush at the Supreme Court after the 2000 presidential election – of all people! Will wonders never cease?

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      I have come to believe that Ted Olson is what we have missed in the political debate of late.:a principled conservative who holds the Constitution in the high regard that the highest law of the land deserves. No one can accuse him of not having an opinion worthy of listening to concerning the “mosque” controversy. He is a widower of 9/11. I don’t buy into his political philosophy, but I respect him as a man of principle.

    • blue bronc

      I know I did not like him for quite a while. But, during the last year or two, not looking at Prop8, a quote or something by him would pop up that was so non-partisan I started listening for his name.  I don’t have any links because I can’t even remember what those little mentions were. I think he may have been on or interviewed by a few political talking head shows too.

      His love for the Constitution is wonderful. Now with Prop8 a solid hit perhaps he is feeling free from party restraints and seeing what the Republican party has turned in to. And what it has turned into has been a direct assault machine into his beloved Constitution.

      Was there a catharsis?  Someday we may know. I think he is feeling very comfortable in his new role.  Even knowing he is conservative in many views, I think I am starting to feel like he might be a good Justice, perhaps a good person to replace Roberts.