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Cooch: “I have been under constant attack from left wing bloggers…”


The following is the latest Cuccinsanity from our most excellent Attorney General. A few comments. 1) What’s a “Jourolista?” Maybe he means “Journalista”, a “daily news blog about the comics industry?” (sarcastic LOL) That seems more appropriate. 2) Does Cooch realize that the “individual mandate” was first proposed by Republicans, including George HW Bush, as a way to “encourage and empower” individuals? My, how times have changed. 3) Is Cooch on the edge of sanity or what? Does he really believe that getting rid of preexisting conditions and the “donut hole” constitutes “federal tyranny?” If so, he’s completely bonkers (and a fanatic), but whatever, we knew that already. 4) Yes, we’d love to bring him down. Personally, I think Cooch richly deserves to be impeached.  With that, enjoy!

Dear Friend,

Today marks 39 days until October 18th – the day the summary judgment hearing will be held in the healthcare case.  These 39 days mark the buildup to one of the most important court cases this decade.

Make no mistake: so far, Virginia is winning.  

It is no coincidence that I have been under constant attack from left wing bloggers, “Jouro-listas,” and pundits from across the country.

From Rachael Maddow to Keith Olbermann, liberal activists who daylight as ‘political commentators’ have spent hours of TV time attempting to demonize my efforts to restore constitutional principles to government.  Not too long ago, Olbermann even made me his “worster person of the week,” … what an honor.

But the attacks are only going to get worse.

Virginia has a real shot at overturning the individual mandate, and the healthcare bill with it.  If we accomplish this it will be one of the most significant setbacks to the anti-freedom agenda in my lifetime.  

The Washington Times agrees – and after the decision was announced August 2nd, here’s what they had to say: “On one side lies federal tyranny. On the other side is freedom. Yesterday, federal district Judge Henry E. Hudson favored freedom by keeping alive Virginia’s suit to invalidate the law that created Obamacare.” That’s putting it simply!                      

The Washington Times concluded by saying, “Ultimately, it is the people’s own individual sovereignty that is threatened by Obamacare. It’s that sovereignty that Mr. Cuccinelli is defending against federal tyranny.”

Well, I’m honored by those words – but the reality is, we need help in spreading that message.  And that’s where you come in.  

As a supporter who has been with me since day one in this fight – I need you to take one step further in supporting my efforts.

Will you help me stand against these negative attacks by making your most generous contribution today?

Your funds will go right to the frontlines to battle against the attacks that are already being hurled my way.  We need support from donors across the country if we are to fight this battle head on and come out victorious.

So, will you join with me today?  If so… PLEASE click here to make a contribution to my campaign today.

With your help, I’ll be able to fight back against the left’s attacks and ‘live to fight another day’ as I continue to take the fight to the federal government – until liberty, as it was understood by our Founding Fathers, is restored.

For America and for liberty,  

Ken Cuccinelli, II

Attorney General of Virginia

P.S. This fight to push back against unconstitutional encroachments by the federal government, like the individual mandate, is an uphill battle – and the (so-called) main stream media and left-wing activists are out to take me down. I need your help today by clicking HERE to make your most generous contribution today.

  • blue bronc

    Very common complaint by the far right people who hate the United States of America, a federation and a representative form of government. Not a CH Cooch dictatorship. That and spreading fear of something, particularly people who are not white male preaching hate, whenever they can. Why are those far right always feeling like they are under physical attack?

    When you think about the persecution complex and the violent delusions that only he can protect people from having a representative government, he is very much on the edge. CH Cooch sounds like he has a severe god complex and should be talking to mental health specialists not some hack writing his fund raising letters.

  • Dan Sullivan

    But is Cooch revealing something about himself?

    “He who fights and runs away…lives to fight another day!”

    And we find him using such insignificant time references as “this decade” and “my lifetime.” It is an admission of the underwhelming consequence of his crusade and his overwhelming sense of self-import.

    “…until liberty, as it was understood by our Founding Fathers, is restored.”

    Dust off those shackles of slavery and prepare to reverse suffrage. Make ceratin only those with property may vote.

    What a most generous serving of tripe.  

  • robsmithiii

    When is he going to get thrown out of office/disbarred for:

    – conducting private practice after taking office.

    – using a court of law to damage a professor without offering any evidence of wrongdoing.

    – using taxpayer-paid town halls to stump for Republicans while on the job.

    – everything else that he has done that we don’t know about at this time.


  • Elaine in Roanoke

    Gee, people like Kookie always seem to need money to “continue their fight” against the evil forces of “fill-in-the-blank.”

    It must be a lousy way to live – always against things and never for solutions to problems. At a time when we could use responsible conservative voices to provide alternative solutions to the problems we face, what we get instead is self-serving narcissists out to make a buck.

  • Look how well “doing stuff that’s batshit insane, then when reasonable people point out you’re doing stuff that’s batshit insane, make yourself out to be a victim in need of a lucrative defense fund” has worked for Sarah Palin. Cuccinelli is just following the same blueprint.

    I’m not saying it’s not batshit insane, I’m just saying it got Palin a VP nomination & Cuccinelli’s AG & will be GOP gov nominee in 3 years.  

  • The Richmonder

    I’ve certainly been doing my best to make Ken “famous”:


    You’d think he’d at least post a link, but now I’ve done it for him.

  • After all Cooch has done, he’s only made it to “worster” person of the day?  Olberman needs to pay more attention to VA politics!  Surely we can get him “worst”!!  (If I were Cooch I would actually be insulted!)

  • kindler

    But the part about quoting the Washington Times is pretty funny, considering… after an existence of promoting the “free market” while never, ever making one single penny, the Times is now halfway down the toilet after being cut off by the Moonie church.