“I don’t see how he’s going to get it past”


    Another day, another spelling mistake by the Washington Post.

    McDonnell is scheduled to unveil his plan for ABC privatization next week. Howell said she continues to hear skepticism from fellow Democrats and some Republicans about the governor’s claim that his plan will fully replace the annual revenue the state now receives from its 332 liquor stores.

    “I don’t see how he’s going to get it past,” she said.

    Past, passed, whatever (or maybe, as Faulkner said, “The past is never dead. It’s not even past.”). So, here’s a fun idea: read the newspaper, see how many typos you can find, winner gets a metal medal. Heh.

    UPDATE: There are at least two glaring mistakes in this article, can you find them? 🙂

    UPDATE #2: Whoops, looks like another big mistake for the Post.

    UPDATE #3: In this article, on the Virginia Politics blog, they spell the same person’s name alternately as “Carlos A Martinelly-Montano” and as “Martinelly-Mantano.” In the first instance, how about a period after the middle initial?  In the second, is it “Mantano” or “Montano?”

    • Tom


    • Dan Sullivan

      Our junior high history teacher had us see how many spelling and grammar errors we could find in the El Dorado Daily News (how about that? integrated learning in the dark ages). Using 1960’s technology, that little paper was less error prone than the Post.

    • kindler

      The Style section story a few days ago on the Oval Office redecoration referred to “low voc” paint.  Sorry guys, it’s supposed to read low-VOC — an abbreviation for “volatile organic compounds”.

      Maybe we should refer to it from now on as the Wochangtoon Pust?

    • VADEM

      I could get a job at the Post as a proofreader. They seem to need one.

      Good grief.

    • eroby

      The gaffes by this dummed down WaPo crew never cease: