Thou Shalt Not Kill?


    So much for that commandment, at least as far as Bob McDonnell is concerned, as he proceeds with the execution of a borderline retarded woman. I also agree with NLS that dropping this announcement at 7:01 pm on a Friday evening, when nobody’s paying attention, is about as cowardly as you can get. Unfortunately, that’s our governor, Mr. “Values Voter” and Pat Robertson’s Manchurian Candidate. Ugh.

    • blue bronc

      Looks like he is just another george bush. Kill ’em, that way they can’t appeal anymore.

      Shame on him. The sad part is he will have sweet dreams knowing he killed another human. Very disgusting person.  

    • martinlomasney

      Will the Richmond Bishop be issuing a letter to the parishes of his diocese directing that he be denied the sacrements?!


      Is the U.S. Conference of Catholic bishops a wholly owned subsidiary of the RNC? Bet your sweet ass.

      I’m so damn tired of the blatant hypocrisy of the losers who lead my church. They’re almost as bad as Rahm, Ben Nelson, Geitner and Summers.

      God grant Ms. Lewis an easy passage and peace to the family and friends of her victims.  

    • pragmatic_repub

      . . .with you, Ben, and the Gov.

      I’m against this execution for the reasons I mentioned in my comment here:

      But to say that McDonnell is cowardly because his staff didn’t send you and the rest of the media a press release until 7:01 is pushing it.  Maybe he knew this would draw the most attention, regardless of the time of day/night, and he didn’t want attention taken off of the rest of the days events, like the funeral service for the fallen police officer.  It would seem pretty callous to me to come back from a line-of-duty funeral and immediately sign a death warrant. . .

    • DanielK

      This case has garnered too much attention for the announcement to be published like this. I screams politics as usual and it shouldn’t. The heinous facts of this case really don’t need any hiding from.

      I would hope that no one is surprised by McDonnell’s decision. He has national office visions and this was definitely not going to be his “poster case” as one granting clemency for a mastermind of such a heinous and deplorable criminal act.

    • martinlomasney



      How ’bout Bobo? aka Bishop Loverde in Arlington?


      We’ll check back with the chancellery later after they’ve had a chance to consult with Cooch for the Focus on the Family talking points or maybe they’re waiting for their Sunday homily.    

    • blue bronc

      We are chronologically in the year 2010, and yet each year reminds us that many people refuse to advance in their thinking beyond 1100.  There is no reason to kill people in prison anymore, if there ever was.

      Vengeance?  Wow what a great reason to kill someone.  It does nothing except kill someone.

      Fulfilling the law? The laws are antiquated and worthless. They should be off the books. There are no reasons to kill someone in prison.

      Religion?  What terrible religions there are that dictate killing people who are in prison.

      Again, and again, there are no reasons to kill someone in prison.