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Virginia Quarterly Review Suicide Story Hits the Washington Post


This morning’s Washington Post has a long story on the tragedy which has shaken – and essentially shut down – the University of Virginia’s respected literary journal, the Virginia Quarterly Review. It’s a riveting story, and it’s far from finished, as UVA conducts “a thorough review” of what happened (although, apparently, there is no criminal investigation).

For more background, see the Today Show segment on this case from late August, including interviews with Virginia Democratic blogger emeritus Waldo Jaquith (who worked with Kevin Morrissey, the man who committed suicide, at VQR) and Charlottesville attorney and Democratic acvitist Lloyd Snook (who is representing Ted Genoways, the boss who Jaquith says treated Morrissey in an “egregious” fashion).

  • Dan Sullivan

    – an employee takes his own life

    – a former University President who appears to have used his position to get his son’s work advanced

    – what looks like patronage wielded by donors

    – an unsupervised budget

    – a work environment that selectively accepted professional lapses and ignored merit

    But in the end, the former University President left a ticking bomb for his successor. She needs to get out the mop and check the rest of the house.