Condoleezza Rice: Obama Team “patriotic,” “trying to do their best every day”


    I can’t say I was a huge fan of Condoleezza Rice as George W. Bush’s National Security Advisor and Secretary of State, but I’ve got to say, she does have class and sanity. In the Jon Stewart interview, for instance, Rice praise the Obama Administration’s foreign policy team as “patriotic people who are trying to do their best every day” and vows that she won’t “chirp” at them. That, of course, contrasts greatly with the likes of Dick Cheney, who has launched outrageous charge after outrageous charge against the Obama administration, and in general has been the complete opposite of what Rice believes foreign policy should be – “bipartisan.”

    In other comments on her book tour and in the context of her meeting with President Obama yesterday afternoon, Rice “rolled her eyes at the notion that Obama is a closet Muslim, and she defended him from criticism – led by former vice president Richard B. Cheney – that Obama had weakened the country.” According to Rice, “Nothing in this president’s methods suggests this president is other than a defender of America’s interests.” Rice also “lavished praise on her successor, Hillary Rodham Clinton: ‘I think she is doing a lot of the right things. . . . She is very tough. . . . I think she has done a fine job, I really do.'”  Last but not least, Rice took a shot at a subject who greatly deserves it – Newt Gingrich. Rice slammed Newt’s bizarre assertion that Obama has a “Kenyan, anticolonial worldview” as “over the top, and I don’t think very helpful.”

    What’s truly pathetic is that we’ve come to the point in this country where a former Secretary of State’s sane, normal, rational, balanced comments about President Obama are remarkable because they represent such a huge contrast with the frothing at the mouth we hear from the Sarah Palins and their brain-dead, lunatic ilk on a near-daily basis.  Still, I’m glad that Condoleezza Rice has defended the Obama administration on foreign policy, and I look forward to other Bush administration figures defending him on domestic policy as well. Yeah, dream on, I know…

    • martinlomasney

      as national security advisor she was intimitely involved in the program but no one ever asks her what she knew, when did she know it and why she didn’t resign when the torture program became know to her.


    • somethingblue

      seems more than a little odd. Book tour, sure, but what’s up with the Oval Office meeting?

      Here’s a prediction: Robert Gates, having put in two years beyond his service in the Bush administration, will leave after the midterms. Obama will need a new Defense secretary. This will have to be a Republican, both to get through the Senate and also because Democrats are apparently no longer eligible to fill this slot, even under Democratic presidents. Who better to supervise Guantanamo and the black sites than this former Secretary of State, described by even leftist bloggers as “sane, normal, rational, balanced”? What could be more bipartisan?

    • There’s been a lot of chatter about Colin Powell for the SoD, but I think there is possibly something more subtle involved.  (I know, subtlety in politics???)  The only way we get a new SoD in this world is to get what is left of those Republicans who don’t see the world in terms of only winning the next election to help break through the inevitable socialist/marxist/unAmerican/unicorn-loving screaming that we all know will inevitably take place.  Rice (or Powell) doesn’t have to BE the SoD to help, and thus they are being talked to now.

    • richmonder

      Nice catch, Lowell. Thanks.

      Condi Rice avoided getting sucked into politics to a large extent under GWB, though that was difficult with a thoroughly politicized foreign policy, along with nearly everything else in her day. It shouldn’t be surprising that she’s weighing in now to try to take down some of the nuttier stuff coming from the right, especially since she is not an ideologue or especially partisan in policy matters. HRC has definitely out-performed her at State and she’s not so egotistical as to be hurt by that. But I would be surprised if she were given a role (or wanted one) under Obama as her identification with Bush is too strong and too personal to allow her to move over to this administration.