Hypocrite Scott Rigell Just Couldn’t “Say No” to “Cash for Clunkers”


    Typical Republican, rail against federal “stimulus” money, then take that same money when it benefits you, then try to claim you were forced to take it, blah blah blah. The question is, why does anyone take hypocrites and phonies like Scott Rigell seriously?

    • GregHabeeb

      What should a business owner do when the Federal government puts a subsidy in place that you don’t believe in but you’ll cease to exist if you don’t take it?  I’m asking the question seriously, not as a partisan shot.  I’m not sure what I’d do.

      I’ll make it personal.  I’m a lawyer.  What if the Federal government told people it was providing a $200/hour subsidy for anyone to hire a lawyer?  If I refused the money, most of my clients would just go down the street and hire a different lawyer and use the subsidy money.  Should I simply fire my staff and retire?

      I’m sure I’ll never be put in an analogous situation but I assume I’d be stuck taking the money.  While you don’t believe the subsidy is right, you also can’t help the fact that the government has injected itself into your industry in a way that makes it impossible to compete without participating.

      Of course, I hated Cash for Clunkers anyway so maybe I’m just not able to analyze it objectively.

    • Jessica Sandlin

      It seems to me that Scott’s a successful businessman, and one who would prefer government stay out of his business.  However, when big gov’t got involved, he had little choice but accept the Cash for Clunkers program.  It was a poor program, for more reasons than one, but for him to decry such programs as a bad idea after really being forced to accept one isn’t hypocrisy.  It’s part of the reason he’s running for Congress!