If I Go to This Rally Will I Get Arrested?


    Ken Kookinelli informs me that there will be several rallies tomorrow with Pat Robertson’s Manchurian Governor, the most boring Lieutenant Governor in Virginia history, and The Cooch himself. For instance:

    Sunday October 31, 2010


    Victory Rally in Northern Virginia with Governor McDonnell, Lt. Governor Bolling, Attorney General Cuccinelli, and RPV Chairman Mullins  

    Fairfax County Republican Committee HQ

    4246 Chain Bridge Road

    Fairfax, Virginia

    The question is, if I or other Democrats attend this rally, will we be arrested or manhandled or whatever (as Democrats and reporters have been in several instances – Alaska, Kentucky, Louisa VA)? After all, although this rally seems to be open to the public, it’s bein held at the Fairfax County Republican Committee HQ, and I’m sure they have the legal right to tell anyone they don’t like to get lost. Thoughts?

    • Old Redneck

      Go to the rally but go with a group.  Your group should have several video cameras, still cameras, and tape recorders.  DO NOT rely on the dinky cameras and video cameras in cell phones — take real cameras and real video cameras.

      Document everything.  If someone asks who you are, immediately start videotaping.

      Have the Fairfax cops on speed dial — call them first so they get your side of the story first.

      Take with you whatever copy of the meeting announcement you have and point out to anyone who questions you that there is nothing in the announcement about “Republicans only.”

    • libra

      On a Sunday???