If Only Rick Waugh Had More Money…and More Time!


    It’s really too bad that 7th CD Democratic nominee Rick Waugh doesn’t have more money and more time, because his ads against Eric Can’tor have been both well made and hard-hitting, and Waugh himself seems to be developing nicely as a candidate. For a five-part interview with Waugh, see The Richmonder. And, if you have a few extra dollars to spare and enjoy the thought of this ad staying on the air a bit longer, click here. As for the argument that Waugh doesn’t have a shot against Can’tor, I’d just point out that Patrick Murray has zero chance against Jim Moran, yet he’s raising and spending a lot of money in his race. Why?  To tie down Moran, obviously, so Moran can’t help Gerry Connolly and other Democrats in more competitive districts. A clever strategy, one Democrats might want to try sometime.

    • not2plato

      He still has an outside shot at this.  With enough support now, he can run these negative ads a lot, which will cause doubts, and doubting voters will either either stay home, support him, or support Bayne.  

    • The Richmonder

      I’m at http://www.the-richmonder.com/ now, and I notice there’s a gap in the “R” section of your blogroll.


    • freeelectron

      If he doesn’t win this November, I hope he runs in 2012.  His support will be increased since he will have name recognition, and the requisite skills.

      I think work writing columns on policy and against Eric Cant would continue to build the momentum he needs.  Habits are hard to break including voting for the Cant.