Obama coming to Charlottesville for Perriello


    the word came out on an email blast from the RTD.   Their website has this brief piece on it

    Obama will be there on Friday.  

    A White House official confirmed the president’s plans but did not have further details.

    It is quite unusual for the President to make this kind of trip for only one Congressional district.  I wonder if this is in conjunction with other stops that day.  

    If nothing else, it confirms how important Perriello’s seat is.  Tom has already had events with Arne Duncan and Tom Vilsack, a telephone event with George Miller, and as a freshman got onto transportation and infrastructure.  We always knew this would be a battle.

    Hopefully the President’s presence will energize the young people and serve also to help maximize African-American turnout in the district.

    UPDATE by Lowell: According to reporter Adam Rhew, “Perriello campaign announces congressman will be on Colbert Report tomorrow night.”

    • Cool_Arrow

      I apologize for the double post but my other post clearly belongs here in this thread…..

      I think it’s a wise move by Perriello even though Obama’s approval is reasonably underwater here and Perriello has been clearly trailing in the polls. The most reasonable and reliable recent poll (I discount the Survey USA polls and any internal polls) was done last week by Roanoke College and said Hurt 46 – Perriello 40. The interesting part about this poll is that only 14.6% of the voters were African-American. VA-05 is nearly 25% African-American so there is no doubt that Perriello has the chance to grow here. He likely won’t get to 25% but an interesting calculation is if he can get 20% AA turnout @ 90% of their vote and 40% of the white vote he would be tied. I am not sure how the VA-05 white vote is as compared with statewide. Anyone have any thoughts? C’ville would help but likely is offset with down state. Obviously the VA-05 white vote is not as liberal as the NoVa white vote. For comparison sake in 2006 Webb had 42% of the white vote statewide. 2006 is the better comparison then 2008 as 2006 Webb narrowly won so I am trying to look at what a “tie game” looks like.

      Clearly upping the African-American vote is his path to victory and Obama can definitely help with this. He’s also betting that the anti-Obama vote is just about maxed out and he’s not going to make any in-roads here. I have to agree here. Whether this will be enough remains to be seen but if he loses a narrow race it won’t be because Obama came to stump for him.

      Old poll as of 10/18 is here:


    • vaambition

      He is the President of the United States.  He appeals to more than just African Americans.  He can energize more than African Americans. He excites the base which is more than African Americans. If I have to make that argument about this President on this blog, we have further to go on the subject of race than I had feared.

    • Elaine in Roanoke
    • Cool_Arrow

      I hope I didn’t mean to come across as saying that Obama would only fire up African-American voters or come across as racists at all. What I am saying is that Perriello in order to win needs African-American voters to vote as close to their percentage of the population as possible. The poll I cited had Perriello down 6 points with only 14.6% of the respondents being African-American. If Perriello comes close having African-Americans constituting 25% of the votes he is likely to win. Obama can help him accomplish that like nobody else can.

      Sending in Clinton, Warner, Webb or even Darrell Green wouldn’t accomplish what Obama would be able to. At this point the anti-Obama vote is just about maxed out so a visit from Obama won’t sink Perriello.  

    • Jim Webb Dem

      needs Tom Perriello. Come what may next Tuesday, Tom Perriello is one of the most intriguing and convincing Democrats within the entire party. The positions Tom has staked out and hammers home every chance he gets …. are exactly the positions the President needs to fully embrace and promote.

      For this election Tom Perriello is sort of a bell weather candidate / campaign …. that foreshadows the issues and challenges facing Barrack Obama in 2012.