• Cool_Arrow

    I have to really hand it to Tom. Given this political climate and his district he is fighting back and is fighting on principle. Continually you hear the GOP whine about how the Democrats are getting money from Unions and Moveon.org. Really scary entities. Only problem is that these are funded through contributions from their members who likely tend to be middle class average people. I like how he stood on principle and hammered him for getting money from the C of C and other large entities. He’s done an amazing job in running this year but he has not thrown his party under the bus or backtracked on anything that he has done. I hope it is enough because Virginia knows that we need people like him in Congress.

  • linda b

    and hurt is a corporate, well you know what he is…

  • …and all I can think about in response is this.


  • The Donkey

    As in “Service Employees INTERNATIONAL Union?”

    Was he trying to imply that Tom was taking campaign contributions from a foreign agent?

    Or was it more to invoke the socialist “Internationale?”

    Or perhaps just to get the xenophobic juices flowing?

    Gotta hand it to that guy.