Robert McCartney: Cooch “disingenuous” on Confederate History Month


    Excellent point by Robert McCartney.

    Now we need Cuccinelli to get on board. He’s thinking of running for governor in 2013, but so far he’s mum on this issue.

    Confederate History Month “really has nothing to do with this office, so we just don’t have any comment about it,” said Brian Gottstein, Cuccinelli’s spokesman in the attorney general’s office.

    That’s pretty disingenuous. When he wants, Cuccinelli manages to find a way to comment on virtually any topic. A skeptic of global warming, he cited the alleged need to crack down on fraudulent expenses to try to go after a former University of Virginia professor whose research has supported concern about climate change.

    Bob McDonnell and George Allen have moved to the right side of history. Ken Cuccinelli should say whether he’s ready to do the same.

    It’s fascinating to see which issues Ken Cuccinelli believes have something “to do with this office” (health care and the insurance “mandate,” global warming, immigration, gay rights, automobile fuel efficiency, usury, the state seal, antitrust enforcement, utility regulation, etc., etc.) and which issues don’t have “to do with this office” (Confederate History Month, cracking down on corporate polluters like Massey Energy, a few others). Basically, this guy will comment on anything, except when he decides it wouldn’t be advantageous politically to weigh in – for the moment, anyway.

    • blue bronc

      My best guess is that CH Cooch would be all over the front pages if Bob “Killer of women” McDonnell said he wanted to hang the battle flags around the governors house and there were protests.  CH would be producing opinion after opinion about the South shall rise again and bring fear to those who oppose “free speech” and how old King George (the second/42) would always stand up for making sure those who opposed him should be sent off to the harbor on prison ships. In other words more blathering idiocy.