Bob McDonnell: Sarah Palin “Qualified” To Be President


    There are actually two absurdly false comments by Bob McDonnell in this interview. First, McDonnell claimed that Republicans performed well on election day because they “had the better message on actually getting stuff done and fixing problems.”  I see. And what would that message be exactly? Also, how is it that the “party of no” – which just spent 8 years screwing up the country, followed by 2 years of obstructing everything Democrats tried to do – is now focused on actually “getting stuff done?”  Can we get PolitiFact on this one, please?!?

    Second, McDonnell claims that Sarah Palin is “qualified” to be President of the United States. That statement is so idiotic it requires no elaboration. I’ll just add that if Palin’s qualified to be President, then she’s also qualified to be a brain surgeon or astrophysicist. More likely, she’s not qualified to do any of those jobs, after having failed miserably as Mayor of tiny Wasilla and after having quit her job as governor of Alaska, where she read “all of” the newspapers and almost could see Russia from her house. Heh.

    • “And Homer Simpson is qualified to be Secretary of State.”

      Yeah, except I’d be a LOT more comfortable with Homer Simpson as Sec. State than with Sarah Palin as – the horror! the horror! – president.

    • Mike1987

      We may not like it, but they took the House and most state houses. They owned the conversation for the last two years and based on Warner and Webb, they will take the Senate in 2012 after Obama himself recinds everthing he has ever done and our 70 year old self appointed Democratic leaders shuffle off from Congress to the nursing home.


    • libra

      have a “better message”. Just no substance underlying it. We, OTOH, have the substance but, 9 times out of 10, don’t know how to sell it.

      And, as Clemgo said above, of course Palin is qualified to be president. She’s old enough and she’s American born (presumably. She and her family seem to have a penchant for ducking into Canada for healthcare, so who knows). Nothing else is required, not even decent command of the English language.