Gerry Connolly Hospitalized


    The following statement is from Gerry Connolly Chief of Staff James Walkinshaw on Rep. Connolly’s hospitalization.

    Congressman Connolly visited his doctor for a checkup earlier this week, and his doctor recommended he be hospitalized for further testing.  The details are a private matter, but he is doing well and will be heading home this weekend.  He expects to be back to work for the people of Northern Virginia on Monday.

    I sincerely wish Congressman Connolly a speedy recovery and a clean bill of health from the doctors.  Then, back to Congress to work on important legislation for the American people!

    • pvogel

      If there is something systemically wrong, a hospitalk is the best place for him to be. I hope its turns out to be nothing!

    • blue bronc

      I hope he is all right and it is only exhaustion.

      The stress of running for office is enormous.  The long hours, the lack of sleep, and the constant adrenaline rush. Along with a diet that would kill a moose. I am not surprised no one has created a hide-away for politicians suffering from campaign exhaustion.  And, then there are the germs. Think of tens of thousands of sick people, everyone is shaking your hand and breathing on you.

    • martinlomasney

      First, his health is not a private matter.  He’s a public official and voters have a right to know if he can fill out his term without extend absence from the proceedings of the Congress which would deprive them of their representation.

      If there was, God forbid, a serious condition disclosed by a doctor visit before the election (earlier in the week? when exactly?), didn’t the voters have a right to know about it before they cast their ballots?

      If the test relate to a condition that doesn’t threaten extended absences, the Congressman’s staff should say so and not leave the voters of the 11th to speculate.

      This campaign is being far too controlling and creating doubts where there may not be justification for them.  

    • My very best to Gerry and his entire family.