Polls Closing Across the Country; Results Thread


    Polls are closing across the country, I’ll use this as a national results thread. So far, it’s not looking great in Indiana and Kentucky, where polls closed at 6 pm. Also, the exit polls aren’t particularly encouraging. But we’ll see…this could be a long night, in more ways than one.

    By the way, I’m following the results on Twitter, the Washington Post, Politico and 538, among other places.

    UPDATE 7:05 pm: The AP has called Indiana for Dan Coats and Kentucky for Rand Paul. Aqua Buddha!!!

    UPDATE 7:09 pm: Possibly encouraging news? “Ben Chandler, a Democrat, leads by about 10 points so far with 4 percent of the vote counted in Kentucky’s 6th Congressional district.”

    UPDATE 7:43 pm: Republicans winning or leading Senate races in Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, South Carolina, Florida, Georgia, North Carolina, South Dakota and New Hampshire. But hey, Vermont’s looking good for the Democrats! (gallows humor) Also, Nate Silver says, ” our model has revised its projection to a G.O.P. gain of 55-56 seats rather than 54-55. Not a huge deal, obviously, but it likes what it’s seeing from Republicans so far in Indiana, even as most of the other House races so far are playing about to expectations.”

    UPDATE 7:47 pm: Marc Ambinder tweets, “CBS News projects that Chris Coons will handily defeat Christine O’D in DE SEN.” But at least she’s not a witch! LOL  Also, “Marcy Kaptur (D) beats Rich Iott in OH 08. he wore the nazi uniform; she gets to keep the job.” Iott lost even after BONE-r appeared with him this weekend? Is there no justice in the world?!? Heh.

    UPDATE 7:57 pm: According to Nate Silver, “here’s a sign that tonight might not be an apocalypse for Democrats: the Kentucky Third District, where John Yarmuth, a Democrat, had been favored but the polling had been erratic, has been called for him. The other vulnerable Democrat in Kentucky, Ben Chandler, is also leading so far in Kentucky’s Sixth District.”

    UPDATE 8:01 pm: Marco Rubio has won in Florida. ABC News projects Kelly Ayotte the winner in New Hampshire.

    UPDATE 8:07 pm: As expected, Richard Blumenthal is projected to defeat Linda McMahon for Senate.

    UPDATE 8:14 pm: Good news in Delaware, where John Carney picks up the formerly Republican seat vacated by Mike Castle. Also, Ben Chandler in Kentucky is leading with 73% of votes counted.

    UPDATE 8:37 pm: In West Virginia, Joe Manchin holds the Senate seat for Democrats.  Also, in Arkansas, “Plantation Blanche” Lincoln – possibly the worst “Democrat” in the Senate – is gone. Honestly, I’ve gotta say, “good riddance.” She was horrible.

    UPDATE 8:44 pm: Liberal-but-lunatic Alan Grayson has lost, do I see a talk show in his future?

    UPDATE 8:53 pm: Rep. Baron Hill loses in IN-09.

    UPDATE 9:00 pm: MSNBC projects “that GOP will win control of the House…. It will be 236-199, plus/minus 13 seats.”

    UPDATE 9:03 pm: Democrats sweep New York – governor and both Senate seats. CNN has called PA-Gov for Corbett.

    UPDATE 9:18 pm: Congratulations to Martin O’Malley, reelected as governor of Maryland.  Sadly, Rep. Carol Shea-Porter lost in NH to a total right wingnut, Frank Guinta. Ugh.

    UPDATE 9:22 pm: According to Nate Silver, “Our model has revised upward its expectation for Republican House gains to 57 seats — but so far, they aren’t winning too many of the types of races they would need in order to post something extraordinary like a 75-seat gain.”

    UPDATE 9:49 pm: It appears that Betty Sutton has held on in Ohio-13. Blue Dog Alan Boyd loses in FL-O2. In PA, Joe Sestak is leading 53%-47% with nearly half of precincts reporting.

    UPDATE 10:10 pm: Deval Patrick holds on as governor of Massachusetts.  With 31% reporting, Sen. Michael Bennet is leading Ken Buck. In IL, with 55% of votes counted, Alexi Giannoulias is leading 49%-46%. In PA, with 61% reporting, Joe Sestak is leading 52%-48%.  Also, it looks like Hickenlooper is winning the governor’s race in Colorado easily over two wingnuts – Tom Tancredo and Dan Maes.

    UPDATE 10:32 pm: Bad news in Ohio, with incumbents Charlie Wilson, John Boccieri and Zack Space trailing. Pennsylvania doesn’t look good either for the House of Representatives, with several Democratic incumbents apparently losing.

    UPDATE 10:41 pm: It looks like Russ Feingold has lost in Wisconsin to Ron Johnson. Blech.

    UPDATE 10:56 pm: The situation is deteriorating in the PA, CO and IL Senate races.  Maybe I should just go to bed at this point, before things get any worse.

    UPDATE 11:56 pm: Pat Toomey has been declared the winner in PA’s Senate race. Barbara Boxer won in CA. Patty Murray is leading in WA. Mark Kirk is apparently winning the IL Senate race. Michael Bennet has a slim lead in CO with 32% reporting. Harry Reid has a 51.6%-44.1% lead in NV with 12.9% reporting. It looks like Dem’s will hold the Senate, lose the House. It could have been worse, but still, a very bad night for our country.

    • aznew

      is a good sign, at least to the extent that if Chandler loses, it would mean an complete disaster for Democrats.

    • Pain

      He had to try a game changer with the Aqua Buddha ad, and unfortunately it backfired and motivated the crazies.  I don’t think he could have won unless Rand actually opened his mouth, which neither he nor any of the other teabaggers really ever did.

      I’m really shocked how candidates can actually avoid speaking in public and have any credibility, but whatever…

    • I never thought I would be thrilled to cheer for Joe Manchin, but I (and my entire family) DESPISE John Raese.  (In classic WV fashion, these relationships all go WAY back….)

      So GO JOE!!!

    • corinthian

      Alan Grayson’s no lunatic. He’s what it looks like when a democrat tries republican tactics, for better or worse.

    • This time for Joe Sestak in PA!  (I cast my first vote in PA.)

    • Randy Klear

      Now I guess we’ll never know what Sharron Angle thinks about policy. After all, she said she wouldn’t talk to the press until she won.

      It’s also good to see the Republicans waste money on a massive scale like this. They really wanted to take down Reid the way they did Tom Daschle in 2002.

    • DanielK

      As Lowell probably remembers I am a HUGE UFC and mix martial arts fan and those who follow me on Twitter knows that.  Now that we know for sure that our Majority leader survived this election I would hope that anyone who has a Twitter account would thank UFC President Dana White (@danawhite) for his support of Harry Reid throughout this campaign.  Dana went out of his way to bring Reid to many UFC events in Las Vegas and donate both time, money and even UFC personalities during rallies in order to bring out that younger demographic.  

      Obviously, the race was not as close any many thought it would be as Reid dominated in the end due to Hispanics coming out to vote but given the fact that a major Nevada business leader such a White came out in support of Reid given Angle’s attacks on him over the issue of business I’m definitely sending him a thank you!  

      And besides, imagine the trophy the Tea Party would have had if she had beaten Reid! Luckily that didn’t happen tonight 🙂