PPP: Webb 49%-Allen 45%; Webb 49%-Cooch 39%


    These poll results are actually a lot better than I thought they’d be, with Jim Webb leading George Allen (49%-45%), Bill Bolling (49%-38%), and Ken Kook-inelli (49%-39%). And if Jim Webb doesn’t run?

    [Tim] Kaine would begin with a 50-44 edge over Allen, 48-41 over Bolling, and 50-39 over Cuccinelli. Perriello would trail Allen, 42-47, and Bolling, 41-42, and he would only lead Cuccinelli, 44-41.

    The bottom line, according to PPP, is that “[w]ith Barack Obama looking good to start out the 2012 cycle in Virginia, and now Jim Webb and Tim Kaine joining him, the Republican victories in 2009 and 2010 could be more a blip than 2006 and 2008 were for Democrats.” I’ll take it. Now, if Republicans will only do us a big favor and nominate the Cooch!

    P.S. In other news, Mark Warner’s at 54%-32% approval/disapproval, Bob McDonnell’s at 44%-36%, Jim Webb’s at 43%-37%.  Also, Cooch has a 31%-39% favorable/unfavorable rating, George Allen’s at 40%-41%, Tim Kaine’s at 43%-40%, Bill Bolling’s at 20%-25%, and Tom Perriello’s at 22%-32%. No numbers on “Sideshow Bob,” unfortunately, or on Corey Stewart.

    • Cool_Arrow

      These are excellent numbers given where we are right now which is that we have taken an absolute beating 2 election cycles in a row. While it is very early in the process and these numbers can and will change as the campaigns start this is very encouraging for Webb or Tim Kaine. The fact that they are not immediately underwater is a great sign. I am waiting for Scotty R to come out with a poll that shows Allen – 65 Webb 30 and Cooch 62 Kaine 33 though. The biggest mistake for the GOP would be to nominate George Allen or Cooch (though I think Cooch is in for Governor in 2013) as they have high negatives. High negatives can work in a midterm election where it is more of a base turnout but in a Presidential turnout it would be fatal.

      I wouldn’t take Bolling’s or Perriello’s numbers too seriously though as they are too unknown at this point to really make a judgment call. Not that the GOP should be taking advice from me but they should go with Bolling, Tom Davis or Rob Whittman instead of Allen. I hope that they ignore me though.

    • vaambition

      Lets hope they nominate Bob Marshall

    • Tom

      Our plan in PWC is to do a much better job of activating the Latino vote against Corey and with a strong Dem. candidate (we will most likely have two good candidates, and therefore a Dem. primary), either one of whom will have large Latino voter turnout that we hope will result in an embarrassing defeat for Corey and thereby end even his hopes for a nomination for LG in 2013.

      I read Eric Byler’s comments on the immigrant study led by UVA at the request of our great PWC Chief of Police, which reminded me to ask Eric for any good Latino community contacts he has from his and Annable’s development of the documentary “9500 Liberty”. It is my plan to organize some events with Eric and Annabel in attendance designed to bring out as many registered Latinos as possible to remind them what Corey Stewart and John Stirrup (the S-for-brains guys) tried to do to the Latino community with their anti-immigrant resolution… it should not be hard for us to get the Latino community highly energized with that sort of reminder.

      Taking down the “S” boys should be a two-fer, with the same message working for both, especially combined with Albo’s pre-filed bill that will furhter inflame the Latino community and help us emphasize the real differences between the Republicans and the Democrats in both BOCS and Va. General Assembly races in 2011.

      And, by the way, we know we will have a strong candidate for the 29th Senate District, whether Sen. Colgan decides to run for re-election or not. Another BTW is something I did not know until the Gainesville Magisterial District Dem. Committee (GMDDC) meeting last night: Chuck’s wife is Latino and if he runs again I’d have to believe she would be able to organize (and help us in the Gainesville district organize) a strong Latino effort. As James Walkinshaw advised us at the GMDDC meeting last night, if we can manae a GOTV effort that results in a large Latino turnout every election cycle we will never lose anothe election the Democratic candidates will never lose another election in PWC. Even though registered Latino voters only constitute about 5% of the vote, if we can manage a 70% turnout by starting early (i.e., right now and hitting it full bore in early January) in a relatively low turnout year such as 2011 that could result in a major and demoralizing GOP defeat and eliminate Stewart’s “higher office” chances. Corey is just stupid enough to keep pushing his anti-immigrant agenda without realizing he is our best ad to energize the Latino voters and volunteers.

      As you can see, I’m expecting the 2011 BOCS and State Senate races to be a lot of fun. Hard work, sure, but lost of fun as we watch the Goofy Old Party dumb shits self-destruct.


    • Bill Bolling has been elected lieutenant governor twice and fewer people have an opinion of him than of Tom Perriello, who’s represented 1/11th of the state for just two years? I understand why Bolling wants to avoid being defined so he can be all things to all people, but seems like a fail by DPVA to allow him to slip shapelessly under the radar.

    • Shenandoah Democrat

      for Webb and Perriello…Tom could be a real dark horse–Like most Virginians I can’t spell his name, but in just two years for a freshman congressman to be running 5 points behind Allen is incredible! Tom is defintely a potential candidate if Webb declines to run.  

    • Venu

      He already starts out with a 44-41 lead over Ken Cuccinelli in a state-wide race. Cuccinelli is weak for a state-wide elected figure – everyone knows it. Perriello is abnormally strong for a freshman Congressman.

      Periello has a strong shot for A.G. in 2013. Then again, I don’t know if Tom is qualified to run? (Has been admitted into the Virginia Bar Association for at least 5 years?)