Wait, Didn’t Eric Can’tor Say the Stimulus Wasn’t Working?


    So, with initial unemployment claims at their lowest level since July 2008, and with those claims falling steadily since Democrats took charge – and passed the “stimulus” package that Republicans like Eric Can’tor like to badmouth (when they’re not hosting job fairs or otherwise cashing in on stimulus funding) – will Republican’ts admit that they were wrong?  Actually, not only should they admit that they were wrong, they should also apologize to the American people for consistently “talking down” the economy, and more substantively for doing everything in their power to ensure that the stimulus package was smaller and more poorly designed than most economists recommended it be, for maximum economic impact. In the end, even with Republican’t obstructionism and irresponsibility – putting politics above people’s lives – the economy continues to recover.  Let’s hope that the new Republican’t-“led” House of Representatives won’t totally  mess things up in 2011, for instance by refusing to raise the debt ceiling, or some other lunacy. Anyone have any confidence in that?  Uh oh.

    h/t: Calculated Risk blog

    • Dan Sullivan

      Any good news going forward will be tied to the 2010 election results and the new Republican majority in the House of Representatives.

    • Charles Stanton

      The Purchasing Mangers Index shot up 6 points this month, confirming an improving economy.

      It has gone form a low of 32.5 in 12/08 to 68.6 this month. The S&P has doubled from the ’09 lows as one index after another shows Obama and the Democrats rescued this economy.

      The rate of job growth and housing is still lagging and creating a drag respectively. We are getting there in spite of the roadblocks and obstruction of the GOBP