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Warner, Webb Vote to Fund Military, Repeal “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell”


I’m very happy to see our two U.S. Senators vote “yea” on funding the military and repealing the discriminatory, counter-productive, obsolete, idiotic “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” policy. Unfortunately, in the U.S. Senate, majority does NOT rule, nor do 57 Senators voting “yea.” Instead, it takes 60 “yea” votes to invoke “cloture” on a “filibuster” to…oh forget it!

Anyway, the bottom line is that the monstrosity known as “Don’t Ask Don’t Tell” lives to see another day, thanks to yet another FAIL by the Senate, mostly by Senate Republicans (and one “Democrat,” Joe Manchin of West Virginia). I’m hoping that this story is correct, that a separate repeal of DADT “will be cosponsored by Sens. Joseph I. Lieberman (I-Conn.) and Susan Collins (R-Maine), and they said it will have bipartisan support.”  Just get rid of this damn thing already!

UPDATE: Video from the Senate floor on the “flip.”

  • Tom

    How can they justify voting to filibuster (i.e., against cloture) for the military funding authorization that happens to include a provision to abolish DADT and at the same time say they have a b-partisan agreement to separately abolish DADT ? I have to agree with Webb’s comment over a year ago that this “is no way to legislate”. Or, maybe I am misreading what has been said here or misinterpreting the convoluted Senatorial procedures involved.

    But at least we do now know that our two U.S. Senators from Virginia are on the correct side of equal justice under the law on the DADT issue. I wish there could be some way to totally eliminate the filibuster so we have a true democracy in the Senate – i.e., majority rule; and I wish there could be some way to replace Harry Reid as Senate majority leader. The combination of the rule requiring a super majority plus an incompetent majority leader makes it nearly impossible for the Senate to “legislate”, or even debate legislation in most cases. Unfortunately, wishing won’t make either of these things happen.

    Thank you Jim Webb and Mark Warner. Your votes at least made my day.


  • Catzmaw

    I listened in dismay to the wranglings over this issue on C-Span this evening and it’s enough to send one off the road in disgust.  

  • Mike1987

    I am surprised that Webb would vote to repeal DADT

  • Cool_Arrow

    This is absolutely ridiculous. You have 57 freaking votes and quite possibly 58 votes if Blanche Lincoln would have voted and because 42 people said no then it is killed? Not that it is a surprise to any of us but what happened to “we are going to listen to the American people”. Nearly 70% of people say to get rid of this. Even the military says that we can get rid of this. Justification for this is absolutely bullshit.

    If this new stand-alone bill from Lieberman-Collins doesn’t work than I say its time to stroke out the Executive Order. It could be reversed one day but enough is enough with this crap. I can’t understand why people like Snowe, Collins, Gregg, Voinovich, Brown and Lemieux who all come from non-southern social issue hotbed states won’t support this other than to obstruct (which is why they are doing it).

    It’s always about the process. Not really the bill itself, it is the process. Notice that?