Bruce Roemmelt Elected Chair of Prince William County Democrats


    This past Thursday, Bruce Roemmelt was elected the new chair of the Prince William County Democratic Committee (see his statement below), replacing Pete Frisbie, who did a superb job from 2007 and 2010. I would just like to congratulate Bruce and wish him well in a county that went 58% for Barack Obama in 2008, but that also has an infamous xenophobe as its County Board chair, not to mention several hard-right-wing members of the Virginia General Assembly (e,g., Del. “Sideshow Bob” Marshall, Del. Scott Lingamfelter, and Del. Jackson Miller).  Plus, Democrats have some potentially vulnerable seats, such as Sen. George Barker’s and Sen. Chuck Colgan’s (when he retires), to defend. In other words, Bruce Roemmelt has his work cut out for him, but I’m confident he’s just the man for the job. Go git’m Bruce!

    I am humbled to be elected to lead the Prince William County Democratic Committee. I have very simple goals for the committee; elect Democrats that believe in the values handed down to us and committed to, by our predecessors, Jefferson, Jackson, Roosevelt, Kennedy, Carter, Clinton and President Obama.

    We are the greatest country in the world and to remain so we need to work very hard on the national, state and local level to excel in our educational system, be innovative in our work environments, to save the planet environmentally for those that will follow us, to recognize that we have ignored the health care of our citizens too long and focus on implementing the Affordable Care Act, to rebuild the middle class, and most of all to reinvigorate the desire for all of our citizens to be involved in the political process.

    I believe that our Democratic values are critical to us maintaining America’s prominence, but I also realize that Republicans, Greens, Independents, Libertarians may have widely differing views. The key for the citizens of Prince William County to be a part of this effort is a commitment to discussing these issues in a civil manner. I make that commitment

    • It’s such an odd place to be a Democrat.  But it has shown over and over how important a county it is to Democratic politics, especially in Northern VA.  Yay for Bruce!!

    • I lived there as a Democrat for five years.  And I thought it was weird.  You could go from a world where I would have people come up to me on the street during a parade (where I was marching) and tell me, “You can’t be a Democrat — you’re on PTA!”  I could eat dinner in Manassas, where I would be talking about Democratic politics with my husband, and have people come up to us and say, “I’m so excited to meet another Democrat!  I thought I was the only one!”

      It was a great place to live and to be a Democrat, but it was, at times, very odd.  On any given day, I could go out and if I saw a Dem bumper sticker, I would know that person 90% of the time.  But it was also a place that elected an awful lot of Democrats without making a big fuss about it!

      So I’m always going to have a soft spot for PWC Dems!

    • clark


      Congrats! Looking forward to good things and let’s touch base- maybe over DPVA’s JJ weekend- as we need to make sure we get some Alexandria folks out to help in the 2011 elections!


      Chair, Alexandria Democratic Committee

    • totallynext

      Congratulations Bruce…. keep up the good fight.

    • Paradox13VA

      Congrats, Bruce! Best of luck in keeping up the good fight.