George Allen: “Macaca” Was a “Made Up Word”


    Among other things today, George Allen has managed to demonstrate, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that he has learned nothing the past 4 years. Here’s Allen, in an interview with Bearing Drift’s JR Hoeft, talking about the “macaca” incident.

    It was not done with malice, and if I had known that that made up word would be connoted as a racial insult I would not have said it.

    Of course, as we all know, “macaca” is not a made-up word. As voluminously, extensively, repeatedly (although not always by the “lamestream” corporate media) documented in the 2006 campaign – and not just by Democrats either – the word is an extremely common racial slur in French North Africa, from where Allen’s mother’s side of the family hails. Also, recall that Allen initially claimed he really meant to say “mohawk,” referring to S.R. Sidarth’s haircut, which of course was not a mohawk. Then, Allen tried to claim he really meant to call Sidarth “caca” or something, which obviously wasn’t any better. Then, he claimed it was “made up,” which also was a lie. Now, 4 years later, Allen still hasn’t come to terms with what he said, why he said it, what it all means, or anything. Does this guy have absolutely zero ability for self reflection or learning? Apparently not in this area, or as far as I can tell in any other area. Pathetic.

    • Dan Sullivan

      What does that tell you about the thoroughness and objectivity of the report?

    • robsmithiii

      if some of our friends over on that site are going to throw away their own calling out of the guy and act like it was always understood that it was “made up”.  I hope not.  If we hope to have decency, we can’t let the crooks get off on a light sentence every single time, so to speak.  I guess some feel like they have to because he’s their candidate, which is a real shame.

    • commandantezero

      The example that I know about is even on the movie screen.  There is a scene in Saratoga Trunk with Ingrid Bergmans Maid calls Cupidor a “Macaca.”  Since the film was made in 1945, maybe it was made up then too


      About half of the entries are in other languages, which makes me think this word is very popular.  Can anyone translate them for me?  Are there that many foreign racists or does the word have other meanings?

    • gg2landy

      George Allen was visiting Lynchburg to speak to the local Chamber of Commerce at Westminster Canterbury. Some of us in the local Dem Committee decided to line VES Rd. w/ Webb signs to show our support of Webb.It was awesome to see until local Republican guy Wendell Walker and his minions put Allen signs directly in front our ours…we  rearranged the best we could !

      As we were finishing up we were standing and talking on a side St. and a car flew in and stopped. The young guy gets out and asks where he can go to change his clothes…he is an intern for Webb and is filming Allen. We told him where he could go to quickly change and he left.

      A few days later we realize we had talked to S.R. Sidarth…better known as “macaca”. We felt honored!

      I accidentally posted this on the other article…sorry !

    • Bwana

      Lowell asks “Does this guy have absolutely zero ability for self reflection or learning?”  While I don’t have the definitive answer, this episode shows us everything that is wrong with the Allen candidacy-and I say this a Republican.

      I don’t understand why in 2006 and he could not simply say “I should not have used language I was not familiar with, and I apologize, etc.”.  Had he showed up at Webb HQ to offer a personal apology he would have looked like a stand up guy and the incident would have blown over.  Instead, as is always the case, it’s the post event evasion and rationalization kept the story alive.

      Now it’s almost five years later, and you think he could get over his ego and face up to his SNAFU…but he doesn’t.  I suspect he will grab up bad staff again (see “Hitler Ad” piece) and make similar mistakes again, and if all that happens face similar results…

    • Steve Vaughan

      … were the only instance of George Allen using racial epithets, he might be forgiven and given a second chance.

      It’s not. There’s a long documented history of incidents, credibly reported by witnesses. Where there’s that much smoke…….