President Obama on Egypt: “All Governments Must Maintain Power through Consent, Not Coercion”


    A strong statement by President Obama, the full transcript is here. It will be fascinating to watch this situation in coming days, as protests continue, as President Mubarak’s cabinet resigns, and as the country’s military decides what it (not really “it” since I’m sure there are factions within the Egyptian military) will do. Personally, I’m rooting for the protestors. I also agree with this morning’s New York Times editorial that the “status quo is unsustainable and the result, perhaps inevitable, has been an explosion of protests and rioting in the streets.” I also agree with the Washington Post that the Obama administration “should be telling the Egyptian army, with no qualification, that the violent suppression of the uprising will rupture its relationship with the United States.”

    • Mike1987

      Stay out of it. Don’t talk about it.  It’s bad enough you are seeing on TV U.S. made weapons being used against the citizens, but even a tepid support will do us no good in the future.  The United States does not win in these types of actions. Shut up, butt out, and let the Egyptians deal with this and support whatever government comes in and pray it’s not some Iran form. Regardless, this will not be a win for the U.S.

    • but the current status quo was a no win for the US either.  Grinding poverty following the active development of a former middle class is very destabilizing.  Add to this the amount of aid the US gives Egypt and it becomes clear that the money isn’t being spent on the benefit of the Egyptian people.  

      I’ll be honest, I’m not sure what role the US should be taking right now, either publicly or behind the scenes.  But it certain is no surprise that Egyptians are rising up and trying to make a change.  I only hope for their sakes (and ours) it truly is a more just, most democratic one.