Sen. McEachin and Del. Pollard Press Conference on Environmental Legislation


    Thanks to The Richmonder for this video, and to people like Sen. McEachin and Del. Pollard for fighting to protect Virginia’s environment! The press release is on the “flip.”

    Senator  A. Donald McEachin and Delegate Albert Pollard Discuss

    Their Environmental Legislation

    Richmond – Senator A. Donald McEachin and Delegate Albert Pollard today held a press conference to discuss their introduced environmental legislation. Senator McEachin has introduced four bills. Senate Bill 814 would have protected the Chesapeake Bay and would have prohibited drilling in the Bay.  

    Senator McEachin said, “The Chesapeake Bay is a unique resource. It provides jobs for watermen and farmers. It brings us tourist dollars and is home to many important species of plants and animals. The loss of jobs would have a very detrimental impact on our economy and on Virginia families, many of whom have, literally spent centuries living off the Bay.

    “My externalities bill would require that, when we consider building a new power plant, like a coal facility, that we take into consideration the public health costs and impact on the local community. This is important because, if there are deleterious impacts, these will cost the Commonwealth, that is, us, the taxpayers, down the road.

    “Senate Bill 907 creates inclining block rates for power. In many parts of the Commonwealth, we sell power like warehouse shopping. Like at Sam’s Club or Costco, you get a price break for buying in quantity. The problem with that is that we don’t want people to buy, that is, use a lot of energy. No matter what your opinion on climate change, we all recognize that dependence on fossil fuels is bad for our country’s future and bad for national security. This is a free market way to encourage folks to conserve energy. This would reward people for using less energy in their homes. I would also add that I would like to see increased programs to help and reward people for making their homes more energy efficient. By assisting families with energy efficiency measures like insulation, we will ensure more savings and even less energy usage.  

    “Finally, Senate Bill 1119 would make it easier for DEQ to consider past performance records when granting permits for landfills.

    Delegate Pollard spoke of his bill and the formation of the conservation caucus. He said that we are bringing together “likeminded people who do not necessarily always agree, but want to work together to make a difference. In speaking to his bill, he said, “Virginia’s schools and municipal buildings hold great potential for helping to meet Virginia’s energy needs.  By giving the Virginia Resources Authority the authorization to fund municipal renewable energy projects, HB2389 is an integral first step in meeting those energy needs using clean, renewable energy.  Furthermore, this legislation will give municipalities the flexibility to plan for the future with the knowledge that they have taken the action necessary to cut energy cost giving our localities more flexibility in meeting local community needs.”

    Senator McEachin concluded the press conference by saying, “These issues are too important and we will continue to work at them, to bring people together, to leave the earth a healthier place for our children than we found it.”

    • Say What

      Delegate Albert Pollard is a HYPOCRITE. And I hope he reads this as the first entry to this otherwise fine video piece.

      Albert gets high marks from the local Sierra Club (1st District) for efforts as outlined above. Kudos there …. but recently when a Republican from Stafford pushed for legislation that would regulate the gouging OMEGA Protein processing plant in Reedville (per Recreational Anglers desires) Pollard shot back that the he should mind his own business (region) …. and something about VRE payments.

      The issue is simple. The Omega Protein company reduces the Menhaden fish up and down the Eastern Seaboard. In essence it GOUGES the base of the food chain that supports larger fish up to and including the endangered Bluefin Tuna. OMEGA (originally own by Zapata Oil (George Bush’s outfit) … has recast itself as the provider of miracle fish oil pills.

      The trouble is …. they fight tooth and nail with any agency trying to regulate their catching operation to include NOAA, the Atlantic Fisheries Management Commission and the Virginia’s Fisheries Management. Maryland watermen and politicians … hate Virginia for it… as OMEGA rapes the bay.

      Albert Pollard is their best defender of late. He has bought the company line (maybe they’ve bought him) … that if you close down the Omega operation (which is a component of the Bay’s recovery) … 200 jobs would be lost in his district. Mind you those 200 jobs are important and according to the local NAACP … employing people of color in low wage positions. Those jobs are needed since the BAY is currently so Damaged that they can’t make a living off of OYSTERS or CRABBING or ROCKFISH…. like they use to,

      Pollard has been recently challenged on this and his response is like the bill introduced above …. Great let’s do it … BUT NOT IN MY BACKYARD.

      An otherwise decent fellow …. Pollard is on the wrong side of an environmental issue that not only effects the Rappahannock Watershed  and Chesapeake Bay… but fishery sustainability along the entire Eastern Seaboard. Hopefully the EPA & NOAA will step in and push aside the parochial VA Senator Albert Pollard.

      Sorry to rain on the good (work) news parade of Don McEachin …. but Pollard is an embarrassment to local environmentalist as well as the Virginia Democratic party.