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Attention All Frank Wolf Voters!!!


Attention all Frank Wolf voters in the otherwise “blue” 10th CD: the following information (from Rep. Jim Moran) might be of interest to you, since Wolf is lockstep with Cantor/BONEr/etc.

Republican Budget Sends Federal Employees to Unemployment Line

Severe budget cuts could result in loss of 650,000 government jobs

Washington, DC – Today, Representative Jim Moran, Northern Virginia Democrat, condemned the 650,000 federal jobs projected to be lost as a result of the proposed Republican spending cuts. Northern Virginia is home to thousands of federal employees representing virtually every agency including the Department of Defense, Transportation, Veterans’ Affairs and Health and Human Services.

“Republicans are using hardworking federal employees as scapegoats for government waste,” Moran said. “Sending a large chunk of our federal workforce to the breadlines will not balance the budget or make government more efficient. What it will do is add to the unemployment rolls, put a strain on thousands of middle-class families, and cost taxpayers more in the long run as projects are put on hold and millions of Americans got without essential services.”

In addition to job losses, the proposed FY11 Continuing Resolution removes more than $588 million in federal agency salaries and expenses. These cuts will at a minimum result in furloughs, reduced employee training and degraded Information Technology systems.

The projected ripple effect of sudden government job losses on the private sector could amount to a loss of 284,000 to 325,000 private sector jobs – including nearly 5,000 transportation jobs in Virginia.

A complete list of the proposed cuts can be found here: http://republicans.appropriati…  

  • The Coalition for Smarter Growth just put out this action alert:


  • pontoon

    the first ones to go should be the staff members of every Republican Congressman and Senator.  This is so typical of these idiots.  But it’s a good way to make sure the economy tanks and that President Obama is a one-term president.

  • kindler


    These guys got elected to fix the economy, and instead they’re going to choke off the recovery through massive government disinvestment. It’s Herbert Hoover economics all over again and it won’t work any better than it did in the 1930s.

    Oh, and three more words to remember — Boehner’s response when asked about the fact that his proposal will lead to job losses: “so be it.” He’s like our version of Marie Antionette without the big hair. What’ll he say next — “Let them eat scrapple”?

  • Sunshine21

    Don’t get these guys in the Republican Party at all.  Thought there whole

    mantra was jobs, jobs, jobs!  If I recall that was the major issue our current governor ran on.  Sure doesn’t look like jobs are being created anywhere.

    They’ve had the majority in the house since November and have done whatever they can to eliminate jobs.

  • Hugo Estrada

    I don’t remember Wolf once deviating from the GOP party line in 10 years that I have lived in Northern Virginia.

    Back in the 80s, 30 years ago, he once disagreed with the GOP about voting against the MLK Holiday. Ever since then, he believes that he is a moderate independent Republican even though he votes more like a Soviet party member.

    In any case, I will register my symbolic opposition to this, as I normally do. Man, do i feel like I am living back in Mexico again.

  • Jeff Barnett

    Thanks to Lowell for this posting. It shows one of the reasons I ran against Wolf last November. In addition to its impact on local jobs, the Wolf/GOP agenda will gut programs that all Americas should hold dear. He wants to take hundreds of millions of dollars (in some cases, billions of dollars) from:

    •Wall Street Oversight

    •National Infrastructure Investment

    •State & Local Law Enforcement Assistance

    •Nutrition Program for Women, Infants & Children

    •Global Health and Child Survival

    •Clean Water (EPA)

    •Food for Peace

    •Peace Corps

    •Head Start

    •Community Health Centers

    •Family Planning

    •International Peacekeeping

    •Nuclear Nonproliferation

    •Nuclear Energy

    •Border Security

    •FAA Facilities/Equipment

    •Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program

    How long can the voters of the 10th District continue to support such a destructive agenda?

    Jeff Barnett