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Bob McDonnell Defends Union-Busting Governor of Wisconsin


Bob McDonnell shows his true colors on this one – against working people and the middle class, for the big corporations and powerful. Of course, McDonnell’s the guy who brought on his pal Fred “Corrupt Jew Counter” Malek – whose firm was found liable in a $75 million fraud, ripping off Connecticut state pension funds – to head up his “reform” commission. So what else would we expect?

  • Dan Sullivan

    The tough choice would have been to properly fund the pensions promised decades ago. Now the bill collector has arrived and Bub is going to pretend it is the expectation that is the issue.

    This is a moment in time that will change our futures. The path Bub has chosen is to abrogate obligations; go back on our word; make us all the welchers Republicans have always been.

  • dominic

    I wonder where he shot that POLITICAL video? In his Governors office? In the mansion? At RPV? Were state tax dollars used to produce it??

    What a joker

  • pontoon

    Birds of a feather, flock together?  Seems to fit pretty well in this circumstance.

  • drobertson

    (not). I was wondering when he’d get on the union-bashing bandwagon. Come on, it took you four days? You’re getting slow.

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    It’s a disgrace that Virginia elected an empty suit. McDonnell is about as deep and as thoughtful as a piece of tissue paper.

  • Teddy Goodson

    The $130 million budget shortfall was created by Governor Walker when he gave a $140 million tax-break to multi-national corporations (like Wal-Mart), according to “putyttat” in DailyKos.  When you add this to the fact that the pensions were grossly underfunded over years, you can see how the “crisis” is manfactured.  In fact, the anti-worker proposals. leaving state workers with the right to bargain only for wages (set by the legislature and governor) and nothing else, and the requirement to re-certify their emasculated unions each and every year is only the half of it.  The same law will apply to all Wisconsin government employees, right down to the local cities and towns.

    The Governor carefully exempted police and firefighters from this political rape. He is now threatening to send in the police and National Guard against the workers—- a long tradition in the supposedly liberal state: back in the early 1900’s there were many cases in which governors (and even the US President) used bloody force to break up strikes.  Wisconsin, reemember, elected Joseph McCarthy not once but twice to the US Congress.  


    he’s doing much the same thing in VA trying to get a bill through that makes state workers pay a portion of their pensions. About a 5% decrease in take home pay for state workers. Since VA has zero public sector unions to fight it it may be a done deal. I have no idea if the VGEA is doing anything or not. Obviously the VA AFL CIO isn’t getting into the fight. Damn sad that VA state workers have absolutely no voice.

    I’m happy to see Wisconsin unions taking this on. I hope they can hang in there along with the brave dems who fled the state. They inspire me.