Dick Wad(hams) Quits, “tired of the nuts”


    This is classic, as George Allen’s former campaign manager – and a good friend of Karl Rove’s – can’t take “the nuts…who are obsessed with seeing conspiracies around every corner and who have terribly misguided notions of what the role of the state party.” Of course, Wad(hams) is referring to the Tea Party activists, who in Colorado helped incumbent Democrat Sen. Michael Bennet win a close race over Teapublican Ken Buck. In addition, Tea Partier Dan Maes won the Republican nomination and helped drive the Colorado GOP towards “minor party” status (in the end, Maes received 11.1% of the vote, just above the 10% threshold, while Democrat John Hickenlooper romped to a 15-point win over former Republican Tom Tancredo, running as the American Constitution Party nominee). Fun times in Colorado. Now, can Dick Wad(hams) please come back to Virginia and ruin George Allen’s campaign as well? Pretty please?!? 😉

    For more background on the man we know (and love!) as Dick Wad(hams), see here, and read about Wadhams’ “pit bull” reputation, his “slash-and-burn reputation,” his accusation that Tom Daschle “emboldened Saddam Hussein,” attacking Daschle’s wife, etc., etc. There’s also Wadhams’ work with James Dale Guckert, aka “Jeff Gannon,” the fake White House “reporter” who turned out to be a gay male “escort” under the professional name “Bulldog.”  And, bringing it home to Virginia, there’s Wadhams’ disgraceful 2006 U.S. Senate campaign, in which he helped orchestrate attacks on Jim Webb’s acclaimed Vietnam War novels as pornographic. Wadhams justified those attacks, saying, “Webb continually refers to himself as a writer. That’s the main thrust of his professional life… so his writings should be subject to scrutiny by the public. … Webb is the one that wrote those words – we didn’t.”

    Now, think about this; what does it say about today’s Republican Party that a guy like Dick Wad(hams) can’t take it anymore, it’s so filled with “nuts?”  That really says it all.

    • fishingincrisis

      This is actually terrible news for Democrats. Dick Wadhams was one of the closest allies that Colorado Democrats had, and deserves a lot of the credit for Dan Maes winning the GOP Gubernatorial nomination and Ken Buck failing to beat Bennet. I only hope that he re-emerges as the head of the campaign to take on McCaskill or Tester.

    • Glen Tomkins

      Look, old line conservatives like Wadhams and Kristol were working the paranoid style in American politics when Beck and these teabaggers were still in diapers.  The old guys had style and art.  It’s never been easy making paranoia look respectable, and they had to work hard at the dog whistles and double entendres you need to gin up the crazies and reassure the non-crazies all at the same time.

      And now these Becks and these teabaggers come along and just do paranoia out in the open.  There’s no artistry about them.  They just act like the sort of crazy person you cross the street to avoid being harangued by, and they still get treated like superstars.

      Of course a craftsmen of crazy like Wadhams is pissed off.  Where’s the art and finesse in what these baggers do?

    • somethingblue

      … get up with fleas.

    • People like Waldham and Rove and Kristol loved paranoia as long as they were the ones in control of people’s fears.  But in creating a culture of fear to win elections, they opened pandora’s box.  I honestly don’t think there is any real leadership right now in the Republican party at the national level, which, given their top-down organization structure and party temperament, must be really disconcerting to them.

      For instance, I am fascinated by the substantial uptick in Jeb Bush interest for 2012 I read these days…..