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Eugene Delgaudio: Frog? No, We Just Call You a “Crazy Closet Case”


Courtesy of Joe. My. God., here is the latest from Loudoun County Supervisor, rabid homophobe, and all-around Wild and Crazy (emphasis on “crazy”) Guy, Eugene Delgaudio!

There is a saying that you can tell a man by the caliber of his enemies. The liberals and homosexuals call me “frog”, toad, caliban of the right (a monstrous, and ugly creature), racist, homophobe, cockroach, snake, unknown, nobody, dangerous, underhanded, threatening, confrontational, antagonist of the left, rightwing extremist, gadfly, loon, lunatic, over the edge, fundamentalist, charismatic, ego driven, single issue, loner, uncompromising, immoderate, intemperate, narrow-minded, irrelevant, pinhead, lesser-known, infamous, intransigent, paleo-conservative, knuckle dragging caveman, over-the-top, bug, dirty, maggot, fear mongerer, right wing ring-leader, hyperactive, headline-hunting, crude, purist, prude, dirty- trickster, religious freak, anti-gay, opportunist, bigot, monster, bizarre, Nazi, zealot, nut job, notorious, flamboyant protester, propagandist, obscure, inflammatory, browbeating, intimidator, toxic, poison, fringe and wacko. All these threats just make me work harder with greater humility. A miracle by itself. I stand and fight for our values. But liberals curse me in public and on prime time TV News shows in front of millions of viewers. Will you support my fight with a quick donation today?

Actually, here at Blue Virginia, we’ve mostly just made fun of Eugene Delgaudio, for his bizarre fantasies about “homosexuals dressed as pirates”, “Thousands of men in bright neon bikinis”, the “Homosexual Classrooms Act,” the Gay TSA Conspiracy Theory,” etc. OK, fine, so Delgaudio’s completely bonkers and a major self-loathing closet case, we can explain that one. But what about all his fellow Republicans, like Rep. Frank Wolf, who support him, donate to him, endorse him, etc? How do we explain them?

  • Eileen Levandoski

    I had the “pleasure” of being the subject of one of his email blasts several years ago. What a blow-hard!

    Is he up for re-election in 2011? Do Dems have a good candidate to put up against him?  The time has definitely come to bounce this loony out of office!  

  • Elaine in Roanoke

    That closet must be getting smaller and smaller. Just be honest with yourself.