George Allen’s Former Netroots Coordinator Defects to Jamie Radtke


    Hahahahahahahah. Boy, is this ever going to be fun or what? Stock up on popcorn, everybody, and enjoy the show! 🙂

    By the way, what really surprises me about former George Allen for Senate campaign netroots director Jon Henke’s move from Allen loyalist to Radtke supporter is that Allen really went out of his way to help place Henke – and other Allen campaign people – in great jobs after the campaign. If I recall correctly, in fact, Allen pretty much turned his campaign website into a jobs bulletin board for his staffers after he conceded to Jim Webb. It paid off for Henke big time, as he was hired as New Media Director for the Republican Communications Office in the U.S. Senate. This really kickstarted Henke into his highly successful career (make no mistake — Henke’s very good at what he does), which has included stints with Fred Thompson’s presidential campaign and with New Media Strategies, among others. Now, for Henke to defect to Radtke has truly got to be a kick in the you-know-whats for George Allen.

    P.S. Also interesting: Henke’s a self-professed libertarian, and Jamie Radtke certainly isn’t. Of course, neither was George Allen, who never met a few billion dollars in corporate welfare he didn’t like (and who believes government should be snooping around in our bedrooms, policing what we do in there with other consenting adults).

    • notlarrysabato
    • Glen Tomkins

      Since the rise of the teahadists, internal politics in the Republican Party has become like that old Star Trek episode where Kirk gets sent into an alternate universe where Federation officers rise in the ranks by assassinating their commanders.

      No, it is not the case that everything reminds me of some old Star Trek episode.  Just the Republican Party.

      Now pass the Cheetohs.

    • Steve Vaughan

      She went out and got her own attack dog. And one who knows where all Allen’s skeletons are buried. I predict this will be a really ugly, dirty primary. The ‘A Team’ always plays that way and it looks like Radtke’s ready to give as good as she gets.

    • kindler

      …picked up a used Henke?