Jeff Schapiro on Bob McDonnell’s “Pave Now, Pay Later” Plan


    Jeff Schapiro, spot-on as always, this time about Bob McDonnell’s “Pave now, pay later” transportation “plan,” as well as his ripoff of state workers and breaking of a campaign promise, all in one. Now that takes talent! Heh.

    • robsmithiii

      is that dear old Bob is calling it a “holy grail”.  I don’t know if he’s for real about that or if he’s just making some vague Indiana Jones reference because he doesn’t know what else to say.

    • realclearwin

      Republicans and tea party folks will eat this up simply because he didn’t raise taxes. Never mind all the other issues like VRS, adding debt, handcuffing future administrations…

      Really those on the right want something for nothing. They want roads as smooth as the back of a spoon but they don’t want to pay for it. Their absolute refusal to even discuss raising the gas tax (a decreasing source of revenue), coupled with their excitement about 3 Billion dollars worth of borrowing tells me that all their talk about “fiscal responsibility” is pure crap.  

    • richmonder

      Once again for Virginia Republicans, the doctrine of ‘starving the beast’ (alias ‘no new taxes’) takes precedence over fiscal responsibility. At least they’ve made fitful progress from the era of pay-as-you-go.