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Video: Excerpts from Tim Kaine’s Speech; A Few Other Thoughts


Enjoy the video of the final 8:59 of Tim Kaine’s speech last night at the Democratic Party of Virginia’s Jefferson-Jackson Dinner. Per the Virginia Politics blog:

“We’re spending some time reflecting about it,” Kaine told the crowd. “And I’m going to make to make a decision soon about whether I can best serve the Commonwealth as senator or as chairman of the party.”

A few voices from the crowd shouted “Run, Tim, Run!”

“Whatever decision I make, I’m confident the next senator from Virginia will be a Democrat,” he said.

By the way, there were about 1,400 or so people at the dinner last night, which isn’t bad at all (although obviously far less than in the exciting presidential year of 2008). It was great catching up with a bunch of people, some of whom I haven’t seen in a while (e.g., Steve Shannon, Mo Elleithee, met Charlie Diradour in person for the first time). Also, thanks to Dr. Babur Lateef, Democratic candidate against Corey Stewart for Prince William County Board Chair, for inviting me and my Labour Party friend from England to sit at one of his tables. It appeared that Lateef was giving Brian Moran and Terry McAuliffe some serious competition in working the room last night, and lots of people were asking me about him. Finally, I had a chance to talk with Tom Perriello for about 15-20 minutes, off the record, and it was great catching up about his latest activities (in southern Sudan, Egypt, etc.) and his thoughts about Jim Webb’s decision. The bottom line right now: we’re all waiting to hear what Tim Kaine decides, and obviously if Kaine throws his hat in the ring, that will “clear the field” of other Democratic candidates. If Kaine decides he doesn’t want to run, however, this could get interesting real fast. Stay tuned…

As for the speeches last night, Jim Moran was his usually passionate self (see here for video by The Richmonder). Neither Jim Webb nor Mark Warner were at the dinner, but recordings of their greetings/thoughts were played. Other speakers included Bobby Scott, Gerry Connolly, Brian Moran, and several other Democratic leaders.  I thought the crowd was somewhat subdued — not sure why that was the case exactly; maybe because of Jim Webb’s announcement and noone else declaring yet? — but it seemed to run smoothly with no glitches.

  • Tom

    I think the quote from Tom came from an interview with Anita Kumar, WaPo political writer puts more pressure on Kaine to reveal what he and his wife have already decided. What’s the point in Tim stalling his announcement any longer ? Given that Tom really didn’t have to say anything directly I took Tom’s his comment to be a modest endorsement of Kaine, or maybe just a little more “encouragement” for Kaine to stop stalling and make/announce his decision.

    There is no one left to offer encouragement to Kaine, even Governor McD. has offered his encouragement by saying Kaine would be a “formidable” opponent. Maybe Kaine wants some encouragement from Corey Stewart ? There just isn’t anything more for Kaine to “reflect” on. He either wants the job or he doesn’t. Waiting until next month to make an announcement serves no purpose, and only make him look indecisive.

    I was very impressed with Kaine’s speech at the JJ Dinner, all the more reason that I think he is very comfortable running his own campaign, and certainly would do very well debating Allen or Marshall, either of whom would be an easy target for Kaine. I’d just like to get on with the campaign, and I’m ready to do that as soon as we know if it’s Tim or Tom.



  • pontoon

    that he said this experience was both flattering and challenging.  Of course, flattering by the support he’s been shown, but challenging because he has a job he really loves is something very close to what he said.

    My personal reaction to his speech is he really is torn because he didn’t see himself in this position.  He ended that portion of his comments with something like whether I run or not, this will still be a Democratic seat in 2012…which means to me that after all the pressure he’s gotten, he still isn’t sure he wants to do this.

    I also felt the Draft Perriello folks received a pretty good reception.  Many folks took the Perriello for Senate stickers and wore them into the dinner.  Other attendees I spoke with were very open to the idea of a Perriello Senate run if Kaine decides to step back.  All in all, I felt good about the evening.

  • I started recording a few minutes into this…

  • Randy Klear

    I watched an amazingly large number of people leave when the keynote speaker, Governor O’Malley, took the stage. A lot of people appeared to be there just to hear Kaine’s annoucement and lost interest when he finished without saying he was in.

    Like Lowell, I also felt a lack of emotion in the room. The most exciting moment of the weekend for me was at the State Central meeting Saturday morning when Doris Crouse-Mays spoke on behalf of the demonstrating Wisconsin state workers in Madison. That got a genuine response.

  • listlady

    that was more important than showing up?

  • linda b

    made an emotional speech. A highlight.

    the entire weekend was interjected with this mantra.

    the dems knew that we need to get our messaage across and I really thought we did.