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Washington Post: Picking Your Senate Candidate For You


Attention Virginia Democrats – no need to worry your pretty little heads about who you’d like to be your nominee for U.S. Senate in 2012! The Washington Post is here to tell you who you want.

On the Post’s Virginia Politics Blog (which barely edged out “Place Where We Type Words About Elections & Legislating” in the Post’s Give Our Blog A Boring Literal Name! contest), Anita Kumar has a post about Tim Kaine attending this weekend’s DPVA Jefferson Jackson Dinner. As a WaPo commenter has already noticed, it’s a weird reason to post – wouldn’t it only be news if Kaine was skipping the dinner? But the post’s real purpose soon becomes clear:

Kaine is the first choice for many Democrats for the U.S. Senate, but the former Virginia governor previously said he was not interested in running.

OK, well that’s kind of a meaningless statement at best. I mean, Rick Boucher might be the “first choice for many Democrats,” but I ain’t putting my money on him getting the nomination. Then comes this:

Defeated congressmen Glenn Nye and Tom Perriello will join their former colleagues, including Reps. Gerry Connolly, Jim Moran and Bobby Scott, at the dinner.

A simple sentence like “Perriello is also considered a top contender for the Senate nomination while Nye has indicated he won’t be running” would’ve made the story far more balanced. Instead, it has no news peg & deliberately ignores other possible candidates – frankly, it reads like a free campaign ad for Kaine.

Look, while I may be hoping Tom Perriello runs, I’ll support whoever earns the Democratic nomination. But there are already questions about Kaine gaming the system to give himself an edge in getting the nomination – possibly through an undemocratic convention instead of a fair statewide primary. It doesn’t help Kaine’s case when the media is trying to anoint him as the nominee before rank & file Democrats have even had a chance to consider the candidates.

  • Peter 2010

    By whatever nomination method, choosing among candidates sometimes is and sometimes is not a divisive process. I would rather have the most democratic method possible used to choose among candidates who publicly declare their candidacy. The possibility that there might be some sort of deal among Kaine, Warner, and Brian Moran to try to assure a convention as the way to select our 2012 Democratic Senate nominee (in order to give an extra advantage to Kaine)is offensive–if true. Based on DPVA Central Committee support for Harris Miller in 2006, it is quite likely that a Democratic Convention in 2006 would have chosen Harris Miller as our Senate nominee. That prospect is a better reason to choose a primary in 2012 than pointing to the alleged divisiveness of the 2009 gubernatorial primary as a reason to select a convention to choose our Senate nominee in 2012.

  • Clemgo3165

    This morning on local radio.  Someone commenting that Kaine’s the “first choice for many Democrats”, almost as if it were read from a script.  And I’m in Tom’s district.

    I’m sure Kaine’s the first name many people think of, but to ignore the other potential candidates seems like the media pushing the agenda.  Though what else is new?

  • aimeefausser

    “Nye, Perriello to reappear at Democrats’ Jefferson-Jackson dinner”


    I, of course, just thought it was bad headline writing at the time, but seems like they’re working off the same thing post-Webb anouncement. I mean, Kaine-as-front-runner, on a whole different level, Nye and Perriello just putting in an appearance. I can’t tell whether it’s blatant bias or lack of effort in reporting.

  • I have conventions.  

    That said, I’m not sure that I see any evidence that we’re going to have a Kaine/Perriello type primary.  Perriello has made ZERO indication of what he wants, which tells me that he’s waiting on Tim Kaine like the rest of us.  And until Kaine decides one way or another, there simply isn’t going to be any real news to report.

    (And I was one of the first people to sign the Draft Perriello petition, so it’s pretty obvious what I’m hoping for personally.)

  • notlarrysabato

    So would he vote for another pro-lifer on the Supreme Court?

    That alone could bring him a primary challenger.

  • dominic

    There will already be a DPVA convention in 2012 to select delegates to the national convention and our DNC members.

    Now does that mean that we should forego the option of a primary? I don’t think so.  But I also believe, that regardless of whomever runs- Perriello or Kaine – we in the end won’t have a contested nomination contest.

  • Let me see if this photo uploads properly.  From a rally in Jan 2010:

    That is all.