Yes, Cooch Would Know About “dirty,” “legal thuggery” and “wildly unfounded”


    Ken “Cooch” Cuccinelli is at it again.

    …Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli is taking a few pointed shots at [Arlington] county for its lawsuit against High Occupancy Toll lanes on I-395.

    …In a statement, Cuccinelli piled on and called the lawsuit “dirty,” “legal thuggery” and “wildly unfounded.”

    Hmmmm.  “Dirty” like being a rabid homophobe and all-around intolerant jerk? “Legal thuggery” like pursuing an anti-science witchhunt like in the days of Galileo? And “wildly unfounded” like claiming that the individual mandate is unconstitutional? As the saying goes, “pot, meet kettle.”

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