Barbara Favola’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Web Week


    Not the best week on the series of tubes for Arlington County Board Member Barbara Favola. First, someone started a fake Barbara Favola Twitter account that fooled some people at first (including me). Then Favola’s (legitimate) official state senate campaign website launched, declaring she’d announce her candidacy at the Arlington County Democratic Committee meeting on “April 8” … but the meeting is actually April 6.

    Now it looks like Favola’s Facebook page has been phished:


    I would feel bad for Favola … except that Democrats on the Arlington County Board are legendarily disconnected from the online community. None of them blog, none of them tweet, and all except for Mary Hynes are relative newcomers even to Facebook. This isn’t just an issue of self-promotion, it’s about a lack of connection to the Arlington community – the Save the Westover Market Beer Garden effort had nearly a thousand fans on Facebook before the County realized it even existed. Hopefully these minor gaffes will be a signal that the online community can’t be something you only pay attention to at campaign time.

    • Before I wrote this post, I called Favola’s home to alert her to change her Facebook password.

    • that Dick Saslaw and Mary Margaret Whipple (aka, “the powers that be”) are going to the mat to “clear the field” for Favola. Why on earth should Arlington and Falls Church Democrats select a State Senator who could be there for 10-20 years without any competition, any debate about the issues and vision for the future, etc? Is that Democracy or is it more like Middle Eastern-style authoritarianism, where the Chosen Candidate traditionally got 97% of the vote? The bottom line question is this: what are these people so AFRAID of?!? (a few guesses: the grassroots, the bloggers, the people as opposed to their corporate pals, the activists, losing their power and privileges and perks, etc.).

    • notlarrysabato

      When she signed up with the Chadderdon Group some of their employees started following me on various social media services to monitor me without any disclosure.  This is in clear violation of the WOMMA disclosure requirements that reputable firms involved in online media have all agreed to.

    • On her Facebook page, she refers to being on the “Arlington County Board of Supervisors.” Except that it’s NOT the “Arlington County Board of Supervisors,” it’s just the “Arlington County Board.” As Greater Greater Washington explains:

      Currently, Arlington County is governed by a county board, consisting of five members all elected at-large. The County Manager (currently vacant) acts as the county’s chief administrative officer.

      The stated purpose of the proposed change from a “county manager” system to a “county board” system is to move the executive power from the county manager to the county board. Under the proposal, the county manager would remain, but would no longer be the chief administrator.

      Proponents of the change are essentially making two basic arguments. First, they feel the county manager has too much power over the flow of information to the board. They point to budget cuts to public safety as a consequence. Placing the executive power in the board, they feel, would help correct this.

      Also, see the League of Women Voters’ presentation on this, where they explain how a County Manager plan (Arlington) differs from a County Board plan (Fairfax, Prince William, Loudoun). One key difference: a County Board has “Supervisors,” while a County Manager system has “members” and a County Manager. Significant difference, and one you’d think a MEMBER of the Arlington County Board would be clear about.