Barbara Favola’s Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Web Week


    Not the best week on the series of tubes for Arlington County Board Member Barbara Favola. First, someone started a fake Barbara Favola Twitter account that fooled some people at first (including me). Then Favola’s (legitimate) official state senate campaign website launched, declaring she’d announce her candidacy at the Arlington County Democratic Committee meeting on “April 8” … but the meeting is actually April 6.

    Now it looks like Favola’s Facebook page has been phished:


    I would feel bad for Favola … except that Democrats on the Arlington County Board are legendarily disconnected from the online community. None of them blog, none of them tweet, and all except for Mary Hynes are relative newcomers even to Facebook. This isn’t just an issue of self-promotion, it’s about a lack of connection to the Arlington community – the Save the Westover Market Beer Garden effort had nearly a thousand fans on Facebook before the County realized it even existed. Hopefully these minor gaffes will be a signal that the online community can’t be something you only pay attention to at campaign time.


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