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Eric Cantor: Social Security “Cannot Exist!”


There was a time when Eric Cantor would have been written off as an extremist, a John Bircher, whatever, for views like this. In today’s Republican Party, however, he’s the Majority Leader. What does that tell you?

  • pontoon

    needs to take clips like this and similar ones, put them together and create ads that go up on YouTube and the MSM about what Republicans are really trying to do this country….much like the one Dr. Lateef did with Corey Stewart.  We must have an organized, effective message to stop the Republicans.  Lord knows there are plenty of clips that could be used.

  • frisbee

    Had seen his other comments from this event, but must of missed this one.


    If the speech only exemplified one of the basic definitions of “cant”-“insincere or almost meaningless talk used merely from convention or habit”-that would be bad enough. But this speech was worse in its peddling of false propaganda in the service of a failed ideology.

  • aznew

    I think a lot of Republicans think this way, but they are usually more careful than to express these ideas so bluntly.

  • Jim B

    What amazed me was he was quoting Herbert Hoover as part of his speech. Now, what Hoover said in the fifties may be different than policies he followed prior to the great depression, but here we are recovering from a near great depression caused again by republicans and he quotes Hoover. The Wash Post did report on the Hoover quote, but not SS. Same for my local rag, the Culpeper Star Exponent.

    Guess he would quote Hoover at that place, but makes no sense to be there in the first place.  

  • Teddy Goodson

    “…these programs cannot exist if we want America to be what we want America to be.”

    Exactly so, Congressman: in your vision of America, you and your ilk do not want America to have a safety net: We are not in this together. There is no social contract. There is no community. There is only “(Money) Might makes right,” confusing affluence with righteousness, God wants you to be rich, and if you are not rich you are worthless. Screw everyone you can, Live Strong.

    In other words, Social Darwinism, wrath of God, no science, no civil society. Mr. Cantor would be right at home in the tribe of Vandals in classical historty, or in Somalia today. Go for it, Boy Cantor!

  • sallybee
  • He’s the Majority LEADER.

  • Bumble Bee

    I cannot understand how this guy keeps getting elected time after time with opinions like this.  I understand that he come from a district that is at the capital of the old confederacy and for many in that district the war against the federal government still rages, but still, talk about getting you to vote against your own economic interest.  Social security is not a big problem and it would be less of a problem if the politicians would stop raiding it for money.