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Terry McAuliffe Introduces Del. Scott Surovell, Criticizes “Bob’s for Jobs”


Terry McAuliffe introduces one of my favorite Virginia delegates, Scott Surovell, at the “Cinco de Surovell.” In addition, here’s McAuliffe’s take on Bob McDonnell.

We have not gone forward, we have gone backwards. I know “Bob’s for Jobs,” talks about these great press releases, but if you take the population growth here in Virginia, we are net zero on job creation since he became governor. We’ve sent the wrong message I think, the Attorney General Cuccinelli going after our UVA professor. And the point is, we want to make ourselves welcoming here in Virginia, we need jobs…We haven’t moved this ball forward. We did a transportation plan, which in my view I’ve talked about for a long time, all we did was…take federal federal money, future appropriations, move ’em forward, put an interest rate on ’em. And if the federal government cuts transportation, then guess where that money comes from…This governor’s kicking the can down the road. Don’t tell me we have a $200 million surplus…over $490 million we borrowed from the unemployment benefits which we’ve got to pay back…

Terry also aims some friendly fire at the national Democratic Party for what he believes was a failure to have a message in 2010 (“the party in 2010 was a disgrace, we had no message…shame on us!”). In the end, Terry believes, “If we don’t have a message, the Republicans will define it; we can’t let them do that to us again.”

  • kindler

    …Terry’s clear positioning himself for the next governor’s race was the elephant — er, donkey — in the room.

    And nothing wrong with that. I thought that, last time around, Terry came into the race without having spent enough time in the Virginia political trenches with the troops, and I think that this time around he is wisely and appropriately building those relationships and planting those seeds early on.  

  • KathyinBlacksburg

    I would point out that Terry should probably not use the language “Bob for Jobs,” but rather make up his own term, maybe “Where-are-the jobs-Bob?” Anything, except embracing the GOP frame, even in mockery.

    1,677 jobs in 2 years?  That is it?????