Joe Biden on the “New Republican Party”: It’s “Madness by design”


    Vice President Biden was on fire earlier today in front of 9,000 or so National Education Association members – representing 3.2 million members – about the “new Republican Party,” its strategy of “madness by design,” and its perpetration of one of the “biggest scams in American history.” For a transcript of the entire speech, click here; a short excerpt is below. Oh, and THANK YOU Joe Biden, for saying what so many of us have been thinking!

    Yesterday, you said:

    “I know of no family of means in America who would deny their own children preschool, child care, good nutrition, health care, and other opportunities, from soccer to music to dance to art.

    So, if a nation wants to remain strong and prosperous, why would we perpetuate a system that denies these opportunities for any child?”

    Well, the answer, Dennis, is that the other team doesn’t think we can afford it, and they don’t think it’s a priority.

    This new Republican party has a different philosophy.

    I don’t think they really believe in public education, as we do.

    Public education is as much about poverty, lack of health care, and unemployment, as it is about what goes on in the classroom.

    To quote Dennis again, “part of the madness of this country is an economy that is out of balance”.

    To the new Republican Party, it is madness by design. They don’t think it’s out of balance; they think it’s reestablishing balance.

    They believe:

    •    A CEO making 260 times what their workers make is a honest reflection of their respective value.

    •    That one percent of wage earners controlling 24 percent of wealth will spur economic growth.

    •    That hedge fund managers making billions of income should paying a 15% tax rate while teachers making tens of thousands in income should pay 25% or more- because it will encourage investors to take risks for economic growth.

    Dennis, as you said, you are under attack.

    The Republican party has undertaken the most direct assault on labor not just in your lifetimes-but since the 1920s.

    • truthteller

      The other side will call this class warfare. But this sounds like this is the Obama administration calling a spade a spade and understanding that working people expect them to stand up for them when the GOP is demanding a kings ransom for the wealthy and unshared sacrifice for everyone else. This message needs to be stressed and underscored until it permeates the political discourse. If anyone is waging class warfare, it is the GOP doing so on behalf of their wealthy benefactors  at the expense of everyone else!  

    • Kevin H

      The video doesn’t do this speech justice. The term “New Republican” is apt because there was a respectful debate even though there was disagreement. This New Republican Party is all about being cut throat by any means necessary. Democrats have to realize that they cannot sit on their hands and hope that some sanity is restored to the Repubican Party. It’s not going to happen.  

    • Bumble Bee

      Make no mistake about it, IT IS CLASS WARFARE !  It is the large corporations and the rich and greedy screwing everyone else because they don’t believe they have enough.  We should not shy away from the words “class warfare” because that it exactly what it is and we need to fight it.  

    • listlady

      start with the middle class.  

    • glennbear

      The GOP likes to talk about about “entitlements” needing to be cut. The only “entitlement” that needs to be cut is there sense of it at the expense of the middle class.