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The American People vs. The Teapublican’t Party


You know how John Boehner, Eric Can’tor, and other Teapublican’ts like to flap their gums about how the “American people want” whatever their latest cockamamie scheme happens to be? Well, another day, another strong piece of evidence – this time, an ABC/Washington Post poll – that it’s more like the American People VERSUS the Teapublican’t Party. Check this out.

That’s right; by a 2:1 margin, Americans do NOT – repeat, NOT! – want the “cuts only” approach offered by the Teapublican’ts. Instead, by a 2:1 margin, they want what President Obama and the Democrats have been pushing, namely a “combination of both,” balanced approach, with BOTH spending cuts and revenue increases. That’s what “the American people want,” so why are Boehner, Cantor, etc. ignoring them? Do they not care what “the American people want,” as they always claim to? Or, do they care more about ensuring that they defeat President Obama in 2012, even if it means destroying the United States economy in the process? Apparently it’s the latter. Shocker.

In related news, check out the “flip” for more poll results, this time indicating that the American people don’t want almost anything the Teapublican’ts are selling. For instance, the American people resoundingly say NO to Medicaid cuts (72%-26% oppose), and they’re not too thrilled about raising the eligibility age for Medicare either (54%-46% oppose).

So what DO the American people want? By WIDE margins, they want what most Democrats want: increased taxes on rich people (72%-27% support), raising Medicare premiums for the wealthy (61%-36% support), raising Social Security taxes for the wealthy (66%-30% support), raising taxes on hedge fund managers (64%-25% support), and raising taxes on oil and gas companies (59%-39% support).  

That’s right; in every one of these cases, Teapublican’ts like Eric Can’tor and John Boehner are opposing the clear will of the American people. In stark contrast, Democrats are clearly in sync with the American people, as they have been for a long time. The question is, why do we, the American people, put up with this crap from the Teapublican’ts, even as they threaten to trash our country’s economy and plunge us into another deep, global recession? It’s infuriating, and I personally am very angry at the people who voted for these extremists in 2010, and deeply frustrated with everyone else who sat on their butts and didn’t come to the polls in 2010.

Anyway, what’s past is past. Today, it’s time to boot these people out of office at the earliest possible opportunity. Unfortunately, the next national election isn’t until November 2012, so we have until January 2013 to suffer with these freakazoids. In the meantime, call your nearest Teapublican’t (mis)representative and give them a piece of your mind. I’m sure they’ll be very happy to hear from you, as they always claim they care so deeply what “the American people want.” Heh.

  • Clemgo3165

    Oh why, do they keep VOTING for the Republican’ts?

  • confirms:

    Americans overwhelmingly are concerned about the U.S. debt crisis and a majority backs the type of compromise pushed by President Barack Obama…56 percent of Americans want to see a combination of government spending cuts and tax increases included in a deal to bring down the U.S. budget deficit and permit a vote to raise the country’s $14.3 trillion debt ceilin…19 percent said the best approach is only to cut existing programs, and 12 percent said only raising taxes would be the favored solution.

    That’s right, only 19% of Americans want what Can’tor, Boehner, and the Teapublican’ts are offering – cuts only. Case closed; these people are completely out of touch with the American people, not to mention Econ 101, facts, and “reality.”

  • stephenwv

    Actually on August 4th the treasury will have $20 billion on the books in cash to pay out. On August 4th they will be required to pay $30 billon in obligations. This is the default they fear monger about.

    If the US paid nothing until the end of the month after accumulating all the tax income for the month, there would be more than enough to pay the bills. They could have simply reduced spending over the past year by a few billion and there would be NO August 3rd deadline. WHAT DID THEY DO?

    Remember in December, all the talk about reducing spending by $100 billion THAT THE PEOPLE WANTED TO DO??? Remember the spin that it was reduced by $30 to $60 billion (while the GAO said the actual real reduction was really only $38 million)??? If the Government career politicians had listened to the PEOPLE and actually reduced spending a year ago by $100 billion WE WOULD HAVE NO DEBT CRISIS NOW!!!

    But do they want to listen to the people??? Do they want to do what the people know is actually best for the people and the nation?? NO! They want to dictate to us what is best for us. That is what changed the banking regulations to cause the world financial crisis from the housing melt down. Can anyone say it is time to listen to the people. WE know what is best for the people and the nation as did our Founding Fathers who were actually we the people.  Its the people’s agenda stupid.  Not we the special interest, personal agenda, career politicians.