The Republican Party’s Suicide Mission


    If it’s true that Republicans on Capitol Hill are throwing around the idea espoused by Erick Erickson to refuse to compromise on the debt ceiling in order to turn the ensuing economic depression into “Obama’s depression,” then these individuals should be tried before a court of law and thrown in jail. For this reason and many others, it’s time for Democrats at all levels of government to stop playing nice. The Republican Party has shown time and again that it is an irresponsible governing body that would rather destroy the country than concede “defeat,” as if melting the U.S.’s economy were not defeat enough.

    It’s also time for reasonable citizens throughout Virginia and the U.S. to speak out against the crazy political schemes that the Republican Party hardliners are cooking up in the short and long term. Lest we forget, there was a reason “that evil” president FDR created an unheard of social welfare state in the 1930s and 40s. FDR’s “New Deal” was a direct result of the kind of society which the Republican Party is attempting to piece back together today.

    This truly is not wholly an issue of partisanship anymore; it’s about keeping our country from folding into two completely opposite camps, the far-right extremists and the rest of us. The latter is not necessarily going to be merely the “leftists,” but those who see themselves as moderate or even, conservative. The irony of calls for allowing the U.S. to default is that those who fall into this camp are also some of the very same individuals who argue implicitly or explicitly about intergenerational justice (“the deficit is not fair to future generations not yet able to vote”). But what exactly do these individuals think will happen to the U.S.’s economic standing and standard of living if the U.S. defaults? Future generations will also take the brunt of the criminal actions of a hard-line ideological minority who saw collective suicide better than admitting room for compromise.  

    • I mean, these new poll numbers make a tiny bit of sense, with 71% disapproving of Congressional Republicans, but that number should be 100%. As for Democrats in Congress, I can see that number not being high either, but the Republican approval # should be ZERO.

    • Elaine in Roanoke

      When the head of the Chamber of Commerce threatens to bring down Republicans who throw the country into default and when the independent voters are coming to their senses after their irrational fit in 2010, the GOPers are courting political suicide by pandering to the teapublicans and their madness.

    • kindler

      Is purposefully bringing on an unnecessary depression an act of treason against the US?  I don’t know, but it sure ought to be the impetus to throw every last one of these bums out on the street.  

    • commentator1

      I’ve alwaya thought the Tea Party was formed to divert anger from Republicans. They’ve done that, but now it’s impossible not to see who really cares about the country. This reminds me of that story in the Bible of the two women who claimed to be the mother of a baby. When Solomon proposed cutting the baby in half and giving each woman half, the real mother stepped forward.

      The Republicans are claiming to be patriotic while holding a knife to the throat of the country and saying “My way or the baby dies.”.